transcripts of my comments on Rebecca Nicholson’s Guardian Blog on Homeland Episode 6:Only read if you have watched it:Spoilers

  • How the hell were Brody and Mathison expecting to be able to drive, they could barely walk in a straight line?

    i so agree!Why on earth do folk in American Dramas stagger on a regular basis to their cars, obviously planning to drive home and never get a cab?! i note that this is not just reprobate rogue Detectives, it’s District Attorneys! However i’m not fully convinced Brody and Carrie were that drunk, in particular i doubt Carrie’s level of drunkenness.

    Remember Carrie boasts about being able to hold her liquor, employing her useful Irish Stereotype, throwing in an anti-British American pleasing line. Adding to the comment from Saul about Catholics & torture in the last episode..hmm…seems it’s ok to be offensive about anybody except the faiths and/or nationalities of the characters then?
    n.b. Saul, they didn’t have barbed wire (i’m pretty sure) in the time of the Inquisition..

    regarding your point about Carrie’s surveillance:did she see Jess and Mike? didn’t they carefully meet elsewhere? and wasn’t that before the surveillance was even installed?

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