transcript of my comments on Rebecca Nicholson’s Guradian Homeland Blog:Episode 6:Spoilers:Do not read unless you have seen this episode

  • moi aussi, however i would point out that it’s heritage not blood. The thing that offends me is the double standard. Plus using the word Catholic as a deliberate insult set to provoke in a questioning. i see your points however doubt that any Jewish comedian or otherwise would find it funny seeing a programme using the same terms but with “are you a Jew?” as a deliberate provocation in an interrogation? of course it wouldn’t happen. Nor could any such programme, soaked and suffused with nationalistic near religious jingoism ever countenance a joke involving throwing up over their nationality:now would it?!..

    @ All:
    double/triple/quadruple cross:
    of course it is all a double cross, triple cross even a quadruple cross. Or maybe it is just all as we see. Brody really is a good guy. Forced to do dreadful things in prison to survive. Saved by the call of the prayers. In the inexplicably golden glowing lit neighbouring cell. That apparently appeared out of nowhere in his Robinson Crusoe style solitary confinement. However would they have made him turn on his mate for nothing? Brody must have had to offer them something, a pay off ? Unless they just let him survive because he converted? i do think Raqim & Aileen were/are the good guys. If anybody is good.

    the higher spiritual plane:
    Personally i highly doubt whether an American Drama would countenance a Military man being a terrorist. If he was, their near religious military zealotry would demand that he be killed in order to remove the stain of dishonour from his uniform and near Godly status as a Marine. Then there wouldn’t be the main character. Hence Brody must be a good guy..

    when is a terrorist not a terrorist?
    Could i just point out that the definition of terrorist is very shady in this programme. So:we have the guard and interrogator from an Iraqi prison termed a terrorist. Why? Ditto Abu Nazir is also seen as a terrorist? how? Is just being or working in an Iraqi prison proof of terrorism? Since when did terrorists generally run prisons? What is Abu Nazir’s history other than just being around in Iraq at the time of the ‘insurgency’?

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