transcript of my comments on Rebecca Nicholson’s Guardian Homeland Blog:Episode 6:Spoilers:Do not read unless you have seen this episode

  • when i said near religious military zealotry i meant the worship of the Military in the severely jingoistic patriotism now displayed by America. i mean, they were always patriotic but it has scaled new heights since 9/11. Haven’t you noticed how absolutely gigantic the American flags have become?

    on the anniversary of 9/11, and of course i mean no disrespect by pointing this out, they filled a whole football stadium ground with an American flag, there was a whole enormous wall of flag at another ceremony. In footage unrelated to any anniversary or ceremony, Just to transport a girder from the towers on a flat bed truck, it was covered in the biggest flag i have ever seen and had a walking Military guard of honour. i’m sorry but at some point these objects have achieved the status of holy relics.

    It is jingoism to the point of religion. So if you don’t happen to be religious in America, there is a universal religion of patriotism. That is what i was talking about. i don’t relate it to being in wars or fighting. it is the severity of the patriotism and the subsequent near saintly status conferred upon & the veneration of Military folk that i was remarking upon.

    It’s evident in pretty much all current American Dramas i suggest..

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