transcript of my comments on Rebecca Nicholson’s Guardian Homeland Blog:Episode 6:Spoilers:Do not read unless you have seen this episode

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    Yes, i see what you are saying. However if we take it as a secret prison then why/what are scores of Muslims doing in there? Without wanting to get into real and depressing politics since i try and keep it light:briefly i would wonder what would be the point of presumably terrorist Sunni Muslims locking up for lengths of time (presumably?) Shia Muslims? or indeed Muslims locking up other Muslims? During the Iraq war yes, they did kidnap (for ransom) and kill each other:but lock up in prison for long lengths of time? what would be the point? it doesn’t make sense..

    my original theory:
    this leads me to my original theory which first popped into my head a’ la light bulb moment on viewing the ridiculous and laughable (Oh C’mon they were) flashback scenes where poor Robinson Crusoe look alike Brody miraculously stumbles upon a golden glowing lit prison room full of praying Muslims.

    the miraculously glowing room:
    How he hadn’t noticed or heard the praying Muslim prisoners (or were they prisoners?) before is left to our incredulous imagination. This seemed like a set up to me at the time:with the aim of turning Brody over to the Muslim faith. Who wouldn’t convert in prison if it meant getting out of solitary confinement and chilling with the other lads? At least praying five times a day would keep you busy and take up the time..Plus it would offer comfort and possibly spiritual salvation..He would have had to study the Qur’an, declare his faith to a witness, this would all have taken time. Which he had plenty of..

    Brody finds Allah:
    First they broke him down mentally and physically and then they surreptitiously and supposedly accidentally;offered him spiritual and religious succour..After all it is fairly common for prisoners to find God in prison. Plus not unknown for Muslim prisoners to reach out to vulnerable prisoners and offer them a Qur’an..

    And yet:the deeper undercover you go..
    As well as being instantly dubious to me at the time that there were scores of Muslims in the prison and this leading to wonder if this was all a set up especially for Brody in order to convert him and get them to work for him. It is still a large hop skip and a very long jump away for him to consider being a terrorist. Converting is one thing:terrorism is another. Of course if this was his only way out Brody would have had to go along with it. Considering himself to be a mole for the Americans when he finally escaped but pledging his allegiance superficially to the terrorists. Unless his war weariness really did lead him that way? still a bit of a stretch though..

    Even further underground:in fact getting into Wind and the Willows territory:
    However how about this as a second theory:that the whole thing was a set up:Brody & Walker’s capture was deliberate. eg. they were put in that area with a view to getting captured. With the aim of getting Brody deep undercover with the terrorists and in on their plans. This depended on him surviving and being let out. Whereas poor Walker..collateral damage? It also meant he had to be prepared to convert:which he did.

    Brody is so deep undercover he hangs out with Mole from Wind & the Willows on his time off:
    This theory would satisfactorily explain the distinct lack of suspicion of Brody when he returned and his fellow Marine didn’t. Also it would explain why nobody was bothered about surveillance of him.

    Sweet suspicion:
    Of course it was highly suspicious for them not to be suspicious of Brody. Him being a double agent (how very Maxwell Smart!) would explain why Carrie with her very reasonable suspicion of him is fobbed off and refused official surveillance of him. However i have always thought that Brody knew he was being watched by Carrie and likewise her superior officers would have presumed she would have gone ahead anyway. Would seasoned spies Really not know when a surveillance was going on?! So they let her watch him whilst he played out his role.

    So who is Brody’s contact?
    that is the question…However i believe that Aileen and the now ever so nice deceased Raqim are the good guys. Possibly being hunted by the real terrorists. Not the Americans..

    the mysteriously addressed letter:
    ok:if you were an undercover terrorist who had just bought a secret house why on earth would you have a letter that came to the University where you worked but in stead of the University’s address (which you would presume is how it arrived there) it had the address of your house on it? so this was a deliberate plant i suggest, to lead Carrie to the safe house & Raqim and Aileen, by who though?

    Oh, the conundrums!

    The forgotten jazz hands:
    whatever happened with the mysterious tapping hand signals of Brody’s? it occurred to me whether this could have been Morse code:did anybody examine that possibility? Or could Brody have had prayer beads in prison perhaps?

    Brody’s contact would have to be in plain sight..

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