transcript of my comments on Rebecca Nicholson’s Guardian Homeland Blog:Episode 6:Spoilers:Do not read unless you have seen this episode

  • Aha, thanks for that, yes it does seem odd that he would hide it. Hadn’t considered the Christian Church attendance:not sure how that flies for a Muslim? Certainly in the old days of Catholicism i know it was verboten to go into another place of worship..However he may be practising the practical form necessary for his mission as you say. Sleeper Cell, the first series i thought was very good.

    Perhaps he felt that it would be a bit too shock horror for his Military comrades and might lead them to wrongly suspect him of all sorts. i am still of the opinion that he isn’t a baddie:mainly on the grounds that the programme couldn’t countenance it..since he is a hero and has been painted as such? Acceptable possibly if he was an ordinary Joe but not to my mind when he is a Marine and next to Godly status.

    Such is the veneration of military folk in American Dramas now and i assume in public life i don’t think this can compute. Otherwise, as i’ve suggested before, he would have to die honourably preferably saving a bunch of children/innocent bystanders or colleagues in order to discharge this stain of dishonour upon the uniform..However that would end the series.

    In amongst all the requisite tick boxes the programme has have been ticked:it’s a shame they couldn’t have been really fresh and had a Muslim member of staff on their team. Then perhaps it wouldn’t have been such a big deal to ‘fess up for Brody.

    i dunno, i find it so illogical, vague and disordered as a puzzle plus the doubt in my mind that we are even seeing true flashbacks(?) i find it hard to take seriously any theories really. It is a bit daft, let’s admit it. For now i’m sticking to my admittedly outlandish and left-field theory that he is deep, deep, undercover and the whole capture was set up and he is a double agent working for (originally) the Americans and also, having won their confidence by converting, the terrorists.. Whoever they are. I’m not convinced it’s actually Abu Nazir. It’s all too pat. Plus we don’t have enough real background information in order to make up our minds..

    n.b i see you didn’t read my transcript of the episode, tut tut, in which it is Raqim who says:”I was a victim of your fabulousness” to Aileen. I pointed out the ridiculousness of this as a piece of dialogue..along with all the F-ing, something, in my experience, Americans very rarely do, in fact some consider “Goddamn” to be sacrilgious..

    You may well be right about Raqim, i for one think he and Aileen were (since he’s a goner) with just Aileen now, are the good guys. Don’t ask me why or how…:).

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