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Well oh well oh well. i had high, even great hopes for Touch. It was cool. It was different. The kid was not annoying. He was cool. The photography and film colours were fabulous. Although Keifer Sutherland’s face did look a little yellow orange lime at times. Perhaps an over dosing of arty-farty light there at times.

Keifer Sutherland was good, very good. Hard to break typecast perhaps and believe as a baggage handler and two other jobs, one in construction.. He does look tired though so that part was believable. He lives in a completely fabulous pad for one thing. Has a well fed and steadfast air.

I am not sure Keifer really convinces as a single parent. You never see him feeding his son for example. His son just plays with with fabulous toys on the fabulous coffee table and rigs up multiple second hand mobiles to all ring at the same time with the same number. Woo hoo!

We are meant to believe Keifer just finds it a little bit exasperating that his son has
not talked for his whole life. Interestingly, everybody just talks loudly to him. Wouldn’t they have worked out a way of communicating with him by now? Like sign language ? It’s ridiculous in retrospect.
( author’s note. We may not notice this due to the boy being the narrator of the story in the prologue)

Then of course, since things are tough, the lovely curly haired very clever kid who speaks to us as a voice over in the beginning has a habit of climbing up the water tower. To think and write in his admittedly cool mathematics art work. The pages full of number patterns written so closely together that they look like lace patterned wallpaper.

Everything is going spiffingly until clichés come a clanking. First was the widower status and the expectancy that naturally, said spouse will have died in 9/11. Please let the spouse not be the pre-requisite death of the day i mentally pleaded. Then it really would be different.

 But no, the cliché gates clicked shut. They clanged further with a metallic twang when impossibly young and pretty and suitably brown for diversity Social Worker turned up. Naturally since she is a bit supposed street she has to be a bit bad ass. Tough and straight talking an’ all. However she also spouts social worker psychobabble like a pro.

LO, i spy an henchman, partner in adventure. i do like the nostalgic feeling of that. Cliché though that is. No sooner than you could say Jack Robinson we had quick re-cap of wealthy wife’s family. Whose money Keifer heroically won’t touch and is in a trust fund for his son.

We also watch a painful and jarringly harsh phone message, from a survivor of the Towers who, ten years later pours his heart out to Keifer. Explaining how he carried Keifer’s wife down 3 flights of stairs and had to stop. “But I think she was already dead”.

This is quite moving but chopped into the plot out of nowhere. Our hero, we hear, used to have a wonderful job as a reporter at the New York Tribune. Presumably he left when his wife died and his life officially fell apart

Then it’s all action stations as boy wonder’s mathematical phone installations and notes of the same repeating numbers in this case 318 are taken seriously. Small note: the badge number on the Police Shield next to the gravestone of Keifer’s wife has number 319 on it. In another link in the chain of cliché, Keifer goes to talk to the gravestone of his wife.

None of the scenes follow on from each other until they catch up later. Since there are multiple scenes of every person affected by the numerical connections and events that are happening all day. However groan. Much as it was lovely and refreshing to have a side story of Arab lads talking Arabic and discussing how they could get hold of a new oven:did one of them really have to become a suicide bomber?

Is there any chance of having an American drama without these themes:terrorism, 9/11, the homeland? (even in Detective shows, N.C.I.S)) If it were not for the cloying clinging cliché, Touch would be really fresh and different. As it is, cue fresh adventure every week, with nubile social worker rather miraculously having spare time to save the world, save small children and bond suitably with small moppet but coolest in the show child.

Cue further growing relationship and boring bonding between Keifer and new all American replacement Mum. Plus truly other worldly, like lemon lime land, yellow green and neon orange light!

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