HOMELAND:LATEST EPISODE:EPISODE 5 UK Channel 4 Sunday @9pm G.M.T:WARNING:CONTAINS SPOILERS:only read if you have watched this episode

Homeland as it transpired….

“Allah Akhbar”..(Brody prays)
You would think somebody would have noticed him praying by now. Probably Stepford wife believes in dutifully keeping out of husband’s space.

Carrie goes to see her really overplayed as mad Dad. i was worried he had left the iron on.

Gideon meets suitably ethnic wife. (tick box)
(who appears to be really West Indian)

It writes itself. Carrie goes and turns the iron off!
Carries seriously patronises him and pinches his tablets! Nice one Carrie:stealing off your own Dad!

Yey:Gideon has shaved even more beard of/facial hair off as predicted by me!

He’s called Brody. (retuning prisoner of war/war hero)

“Our duty is to stop the next attack on America” (yawn)

Brody is jogging super-bad. With the straight hands! Like Lydia from Southland. Boy is he fit! prison life was good.

Mike: (meets Brody in the road)
“You’d better haul ass, shit, shower and shave” gee, how poetic.
However Mike has a seriously cool car with an engine sounding like a lion gargling butter. A Porsche? It’s all black with lovely curved wheel shapes.

Brody in car with Carrie:
“No blindfold?” (yeah:really?)
“We trust you”. (that’s dumb surely?)

Estes (Boss) looks at the surveillance on his lap top. Why isn’t Estes there?
(at the questioning)

Brody remembers him (the prisoner) as his guard and how he peed on him

Gideon talks Arabic to him and shakes his hands, double cheek kisses him. Like that would help.
Gideon: (to prisoner)
“Are you a religious man?” “You beat him with barbed wire and urinated on him. So are you Catholic?”!

“Are you going to torture him?”
“We don’t do that. Yeah:right).

Brody’s wife Jess:(makes him tea)
“Yorkshire Gold”
She talks to him like a stranger. He hasn’t noticed her hair. (she is touching it like:hello?)
Jess is pissed off he won’t give it up over where he’s been.

So Carrie is left alone with the prisoner all night? Whilst he gets intermittent loud music played. That old chestnut. Poor prisoner:about to write..shaking.

“Say goodbye to your family”.

“Did Abu Nazir ever meet Sergeant Brody?Brody goes to see Estes:
“your friend is about to give up”.

“He’s not my friend. I deserve some face to face time with my torturer.”
he continues:
“this is really important to me, I need to do right by my kids, my wife, my duty as a Marine, I need to close the door on this, please don’t rob me of this opportunity..to keep my sanity” (bla bla)

“Let’s go close that door sergeant”.
(Estes is playing him i reckon:this i what Estes wants)

The e-mail pops up into Brightman University.
“Rakim Fidel”! “Everybody stop what they’re doing right now!”.
(so that’s why she’s such a good spy?)

Brody to prisoner:
“You beat me , you humiliated me, you killed my friend”
(i thought that was you Brody? wasn’t it?)
prisoner spits in his face. Then Brody fights him!

Shouts out in Arabic (what?)

n.b. Does it really seem likely that young office guy could have held back and restrained Brody from his fight? Is not Brody a lot stronger and fitter than him?

Mike in kitchen with Brody’s son:
Brody missed his karate test and he promised.
“Mike, didn’t you say you were leaving?”

n.b. The whole prisoner scene was a set up:by the terrorists who suddenly produced the guy, from Estes who knows more than he is letting on. From Brody who knows it was he himself who killed his best friend, not the prisoner. But why?

“Prisoner killed himself with a razor blade fragment..”(Brody did it!)
Gideon sort of weeps and say a Yiddish?/Arabic prayer.

Mera (Gideon’s wife) & Gideon:boring Hallmark psychobabble stuff
“I need to put my roots down in somewhere that matters to me..India”

“Bullshit:Brody must have spotted a blind spot in the camera, passed him the razor blade”.
“What happened to you Gideon:when did you become such a pussy?. Fuck that shit!”

(but she is not allowed for this to be normal so she has to be mad)
Then Carries starts hyperventilating and getting all emotional. Then busts in on her sister.
Hallmark moment with Carrie’s nieces..

another psychobabble moment with son:
“I meant it when i said it..i screwed up..forgive me?”
Brody pretends to pray..

Girls and Carrie: (super Hallmark moment)
“Are you worried about the bad guys Carrie?”
“The ones that blow people up?. I have nightmares”
“me too. We can help too”..
“No, that’s my job”..(bleuch)
Du na du na..and off she goes:is it a bird, is it a plane?….

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