HOMELAND EPISODE 6:Channel 4 in the UK Sunday @9pm G.M.T. this transcript also posted on the Guardian Homeland Forum Blog hosted by Rebecca Nicholson

this was the “fuck” episode”..

Homeland as it transpired:
(spot the ‘F’s’ my favourite is Saul’s)

C.I.A. Big boss:(shouting)
“How is such a F-up even possible?” (exactly)
“Don’t you ever F-ing do that to me again!”
“I bet you my Monk’s Dream, signed by Thelonious himself”..
(Oh Pleeez, do they always have to like ‘cool’ jazz?)

Carrie takes a polygraph:
“Are you married, do you have any children, have you taken any illegal drugs?”
“Yes” (didn’t anybody else get asked that?)
“Have you taken any illegal drugs since joining the agency?”
(they didn’t ask dishy Estes that)

Neighbour of house near airport to Saul about Raqim:
“He was so polite”..
Raqim to Aileen:
“We’re not fine, we’re F-ed!”
Aileen to Raqim:
“I’m sorry I dragged you into this (i thought so)
“You didn’t, I’m a victim of your fabulousness” (really?)

(the dialogue is all wrong:most Americans don’t say the ‘F’ word and would Raqim really say fabulousness?)

Brody at church:
“Walker was a good man..calls out the whole unit, they all stand up..calls out Corporal Walker”..

Carrie to Brody @ Memorial:
“You have to take a polygraph..”

Estes &Saul:
“Raqim is with a caucasian!”
“A causasian?!”
(they give him all the white lines! “white on rice/caucasian”)

“We’re here”
(Aileen looks at the ground-why? looking for shells/tracks?)
“There’s a trip wire in the door!”
“How do you know that?”
“They trained me”

Lauder at the memorial barbecue:
“You’re so full of shit Brody, so how come Walker died and you came back alive?” “What’s that about?”
(yes, what IS that about?)
(as a fight ensues but not over his outrageously sexist”sink” speech)

Saul doesn’t want to take the polygraph(?)
“We’ve been through this before”..these bureau-F-ing-tastic idiocies!”
(tears the thing off)

“A naive, weak willed rich American girl falls in love with a Saudi Engineer..or maybe we’ve got it backwards, maybe She’s the one driving this?”

Brody rings Carrie:
“I’ve had the worst F-ing day..can’t do the polygraph..”
She Doesn’t go to meet him?!
“My hand hurts like a motherF-er”..
“It’s not like I was Mrs. faithful in Iraq”..
Brody asks her why she didn’t mention meeting him?
“Standing there, that night in the rain, I figured why does anybody else have to know?”…
(she’s flirting)
“It’s ok, I’m not going to puke, I’m half Irish, we only puke when we have to salute the British”!

OMG:they’re not?! they are! It writes itself.
(That was a really, really bad idea Carrie)

OMG:Raqim is shot!
Aileen jumps out of the window..

Saul & fake Indian wife with corny accent:
Mera:”I don’t want you to come with me..”
(boring psychobabble)
“We’re just friends, sharing a house..”
(isn’t that marriage?)

Brody comes back home, still drunk, sunglasses on, looks cool.
(the happiest & most relaxed he has looked yet)

Saul(back to do his polygraph)
“Are you married, technically?”

Brody’s polygraph (he will snow it:he’s a stone cold barsteward)
“Have you been unfaithful to your wife?”
(she shagged him just so she could ask this:in the polygraph?)
“he passed:man is clean”.
car pulls up.
Brody: to Carrie
“Get in”
She gets in!

Random ruminations:
Estes has alarmingly Spock-like ears. Adding to the wishful futuristic feel to HL created by the presence of evil V alien Jess. As in wishing a more alluring darkness to the whole thing. Jess would be so much
better as an alien, more interesting, more zap.
Jess is just so sappy isn’t she? A sappy, soppy Stepford wife. She carries out her wifely duties (in more ways than wretched one) like clockwork. She trots the kids off to school with only a stony glance for her slightly staggering if not mildly swaggering husband who has been out all night.

Nobody gets bothered much:
Stepford wife doesn’t get bothered much. She doesn’t shout, cry, anything. She is still carrying on her single life routine & servicing her man including with Yorkshire Gold. Still as yet, keeping dutifully out of the garage. Wouldn’t she clean in there? Being as she lives in the 1960’s..

the (sexist) inverse law of madness:
However when everybody gets bothered as in this shouty ‘F’ episode:that’s ok. They are not mad like Carrie is seen to be when she gets bothered. So they are not seen hyperventilating and crying. That’s because they are Men.

Gideon from Criminal Minds is Saul:
i like gruff gruffalo Gideon. Yet i don’t quite trust him. His gravelly whine of a voice is cumulatively annoying. it grates on your hearing. Plus he’s decidedly unbothered about his wife saying everything is over.

The scream factor?
HL wouldn’t cause me to scream. Grimace in mock horror as it continues to write itself:yes.

n.b who knew drunk soldiers rapped Eminem?

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