transcripts of my comments on Vicky Frost’s Guardian Blog on The Killing II/Forbrydelsen II

  • 31 December 2011 07:23PM

    hey @CIscFIM
    thank you too, for your research, i am coming to the conclusion that this is an interesting case of a mistaken meme: a misinterpretation leading to an incorrect attachment of the word Aspergers to Sophie Grabol in FBII. Indeed ‘Aspergers’ comes up in searches linked with/near Sophie Grabol but is never part of that information(?)

    i only mentioned it since i am aware that this Blog may be printed and this is how statements can be become known as facts on the basis of assumption that they are true:as we have learnt from Lund!..:)

    i mainly wanted to set the record straight & apologise for my own slightly disparaging comments made about the actress and the show on the basis of believing these assertions. I felt bad that i criticised, although qualified with “if true”, my favourite show and heroine! (Wallander is up there-Henrik of course:)

    n.b Sherlock Homes, in answer to your question, is on tomoro, BBC1 at 8:10pm.

    ‘nother nb. according to the Independent write-up of Sophie Grabol today:FBIII will include a sighting of her flat which is giving them headaches over what to furnish it with!

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