transcripts of my comments on Vicky Frost’s Guardian Blog on The Killing II/Forbrydelsen II

30 December 2011 01:44PM

a footnote:
before this Blog closes, can anybody find for me the source for the assertions on these pages from Rowing Rob i believe, that:
“Sophie Grabol said that she played Lund as someone who has traits of Aspergers”?

since i cannot verify this statement with a source and if none exists i have been unfairly disparaging in my comments towards the actress Sophie Grabol and FBII in my reply to Rowing Rob saying that if that was true then they were co-opting and stereotyping both autism and Aspergers for their own purposes.

It seems it is others who are doing this instead:co-opting and projecting these conditions onto the actress and so far, these claims just seem to be internet gossip, with no basis in fact?

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