transcripts of my comments on Vicky Frost’s Guardian Blog on The Killing II/Forbrydelsen II

  • 31 December 2011 05:56PM

    hey Forbydelsen fans-the Saturday Independent Newspaper (uhum sorry Guardian;) has a full page picture of Sophie Grabol on the front of it’s magazine and a double page photo & write-up of Sophie Grabol inside where she is listed as one of the:
    ‘Ten People who changed the world’!

    Although the listings are not numbered, not sure our Sophie deserves to come after Hugo from Made In Chelsea (much as i love MIC) who apparently “changed the nature of celebrity”(not sure that, if true, he necessarily changed the world?!) i reckon it’s just that he’s very photogenic & always looked to me like a cheerfully plotting yet ever loyal (to Spencer) Courtier from the court of Louis XIV..:)

    also-news for Ulrik Strange fans-albeit very briefly, i spotted him in a silly yet enjoyable movie last night called Transsiberian, metaphorically and silently shouting “that’s Ulrik Strange”! right at the very end..

    Not sure i’d recommend it just for sights of him since it was a lesser, mono-syllabic part in which he was a Russian henchman.
    Strange & everybody else being gloriously outplayed by a happily hammy Patrick Stewart (i think) as a heavily accented vodka drinking Russian Detective & Woody Harrelson as a Christian Missionary..will say no more..

    ok, it includes some great/classic train scene tropes..

    Happy New Year everybody! Fellow Forbrydelsen fans:)

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