transcripts of my comments on Vicky Frost’s Guardian Blog on The Killling II/Forbrdelsen II

  • Hi Devongirl4-lovely to hear from you! Yes, i saw a post from @Nounours here somewhere however have lost what page it is now? will respond if i can find it! i know-i have just finished a seriously intense course and all memory/knowledge of this Blog seemed to have been wiped from my mind:weird huh?

    it is only now as i have handed in huge sheaf loads of written work and the results of my more than heroic battling with ICT that i remembered! i wonder if it was some kind of subconscious self-protective device since if i had been writing on here i know i would never have finished that course..being as i so love to write on these Blogs and ditto TK, like everybody here:)

    nb. i had to precis:some of the essays were maximum 250 words:i know-me-precis-there’s a joke there somewhere, i can only say it was like writing a haiku essay, but do love a writing challenge:)

    thanks a lot for that-i did like the music too:) i dunno, i have watched lots of documentaries on Afghanistan and it did look like it:although as people on here have mentioned, it could well have been Spain!

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