transcripts of my comments on Vicky Frost’s Guardian Blog on The Killing II/Forbrydelsen II:WARNING! SPOILRS Only read if you have seen the end

  • 19 December 2011 06:12PM

    Thanks very much for that, good to know. I didn’t think so and certainly didn’t want to think one of my favourite characters was also ‘in on it’. i think of him as Herman Munster, who, when small i thought was the best character in the Adams Family and hence Brix reminds me of him, plus he wears Rupert the Bear scarves with a flourish and glides along like some tall tower-block with his enigmatic & sphinx like smile..

    i liked how Brix’s compromise was in terms of his slightly icky (for me) affair with chisel-face ever evil Ruth:who really was manipulating him i felt. It took Brix a while to come out from under her thumb but he did when he took on Lund’s role (when she was away) and went rogue and looked like he was loving every minute of it when he insisted all manfully on searching the Barracks. Like Lund he was then subject to the “it’s for you” mobile phone moment to put a proper cramp in his style. However he did stand up to Ruth:finally!

    That’s interesting your comparison of Buch with Lund, i hadn’t thought of that-it is true. It’s funny how we instinctively knew that Buch would have to meet Lund and somehow get her back in the job later! TK getting a bit predictable..

    Yes, i too was disappointed with Buch in his inverse end of Caesar moment:”eh Vous?!”
    yet he had tried so hard and exhausted every avenue and it seemed all doors were now closed to him. As Crabbe had said to him”You can’t trust anybody” a point made by the show itself..

    It was odd, i thought at the time, that as Buch became more ‘savvy’ that he didn’t use the Press more to his advantage using the media and possibly his audience with “The Queen”?!

    Thank you very much for that:)

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