transcripts of my comments on Vicky Frost’s Guardian Blog on The Killing II/Forbrydelsen II:WARNING! SPOILERS Only Read if You have seen the end

long time no read! i agree with all your points and glad you too, think Raben didn’t kill the little girl. Probably because i like a happy ending and i was rooting for Raben all along(see further back post) that i don’t think he did either. it does seem unlikely that a soldier with a young child would kill another child?

yes, it appears from the video diary of (i think) Sebastian Holst that Raben was loosing it already: (probably Post Traumatic Stress which he already was suffering from over previous horrors and why he volunteered to go back to Iraq and felt he wasn’t “good enough” to be a Father”) but to do that?

i don’t think so and his subsequent blocking out of events i postulate is in reaction to the horror he felt at the happenings. ergo, if he was cold/far gone enough to do that then why block it out? He seems, unlike a cold psychopath like Strange, to have a conscience and sense of what’s right and wrong.
Poor Raben..
i too think Strange was just messing with his head, the equivalent of poking him with a sharp stick before he was going to shoot him..Strange did like to make his victims suffer and indeed wait in trepidation, before he killed them..

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