transcripts of my comments on Vicky Frost’s Guardian Blog on The Killing II/Forbrydelsen II:WARNING! SPOILERS Only read if you have seen the end

  • hey, @KindToSpiders (so am i)
    yes, i agree that that could be seen as a joke, however the part i was taking seriously was his claim that they didn’t have a radio:which seemed a pretty obvious and glaring lie.

    I am still and probably will remain ambivalent over the squeeze she then gave him which didn’t seem to fit. Unless you think that she was distracting him after this blatant claim..i dunno. After all, she was stuck with him and just one army guy in some vast open space (at one point she was in a slightly edgy situation inside the house) It could have been a placatory gesture for her own better keep him ‘sweet’..he was, after all, ‘in his element’ out there.

    Considering that the messages thing was important and i don’t think at that point Lund had found out about the Colonel’s discovery of the deleted messages: it is possible Lund was piecing it together and this was a test question from her? She couldn’t possibly believe his answer of “no” to her radio question..

    Special Forces operate in very small groups, out on their own, they need to be in regular radio contact with their bosses back home:to call for a helicopter to come get them out of there for ex.and with each other. They would use a different ‘classified ‘ channel but would surely have the channel of the regular forces too. Maybe this isn’t a big box type radio like we might imagine from old war movies however a radio, in some shape or form, for sure.

    n.b all this knowledge is from watching the series ‘The Unit’ 🙂 they were most definitely ‘Special Forces’.

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