transcripts of my comments on Vicky Frost’s Guardian Blog on The Killing II/Forbrydelsen II:WARNING! SPOILERS Only read if you have seen the end

  • 20 December 2011 07:08PM

    random musings and the awful consideration of jumping the shark:

    Question:does the Prime minister’s involvement plus General Arid& possibly the Secret Service imply that as the murders mounted up they were aware it was Strange and let it carry on?!

    i did have Plough down for the mole early on since Buch’s dept. was leaking like a sieve which still carried on when Karina left. Did anyone else briefly think Plough was the murderer in the creepy scene @ his flat?!

    I’m afraid, as posters have pointed out TK may well have jumped the shark:or be hovering perilously close over it. I didn’t want to acknowledge it, simply tucked it under the metaphorical carpet.

    It didn’t jump the shark over the daft ending. I was happy to trade the implausibility of that to see my fair heroine alive. There was even comedy of a Hammer Horror kind in Sarah’s sudden flickering open of her supine eyes!

    It didn’t jump the shark over the curiously unsympathetic Louise story:which did, like Louise, start to irk me. At some point i became bored and stopped liking her and started to find it all a bit ickily home family values meets Little House on The Prairie/Little Women equals the Barracks?

    Maybe it was because it was Raben, not Lund who i originally connected to as a hero. I loved his ingenious escape from the Hosiptal. I was convinced creepy Head Doctor was keeping him in and was even sadistically enjoying her power. Yes, Raben was my hero on the Police side:Buch on the political side.

    I was rooting for Raben all the way:i believed him and trusted him. He was Prison Break meets the Prisoner meets the Fugitive with a touch of Papillon. He escaped, crawling through a sewer, like in all the best prison escape movies, and survived on his own.

    Raben crosses the border into Sweden without a passport, he shadowed and found people and had secret spy-like meets. He bought two untraceable mobiles, he delivered red roses to Sarah’s Mum’s wedding he even, in my favourite escapade:partnered up with the Colonel to find and fight for Louise.

    All the time with only a bit of cash from the Priest’s wallet whilst his bleached denim legs grew realistically skinnier and skinnier. Raben does all this to protect his crew and his wife and family. In doing so Raben knows he has put a target on his head. On reflection:he must have felt a bit unsafe in Police Custody too!.

    Yet Louise, who one minute was deeply in love and fighting for Raben’s release with every fibre of her being:on account of Raben turning up with a gun, twitching and jumpy on the seafront and admitting he volunteered for Iraq:suddenly tells him to get lost and swans off to shag sneering Skosgaard. Louise imparts this cheerful news to Raben as he’s lying in a hospital bed.

    On top of all Raben’s bravery he was fighting his own fractured mind. A much harder struggle than any Special Forces like Soldier stuff. At firs they believed him about Perc and then they didn’t. They, including his Lawyer, repeatedly told him to drop the accusations.

    Myself, i was always convinced that Strange intended to kill Raben in that basement. What Special forces trained soldier ‘misses’ a shot?

    So it was Raben & Buch i connected with this time. Sarah i felt strangely disconnected from. I felt i was betraying my fair heroine for thinking this:but at some point i became tired of yet another shot of her admittedly beautiful Vermeer-like face, staring off in mute cogitation.

    Sarah didn’t compare well with the fully rounded and humanly feeling Buch who was firing on all emotional cylinders.

    Yes, I know this was meant to reflect her ‘being closed down’ as she explained in the curiously heartless scene with Strange. Again, laboriously signifying their joint emotional shut-down Strange too, was cold, unsympathetic, decidedly dishy yes, but he never really smiled, not with his eyes.

    No, it was none of these things that TKII jumped the shark over. It was my feeling of an agenda. The war. The soldier shown in the Lakshar hospital with both legs blown off:lying on the guerney asking when he “could go home”. Shortly afterwards being covered over with a blanket as Sarah looks on..

    That’s when a show can jump the shark:when you feel that it’s pushing it’s point. It’s when you start to wonder if the show is just a vehicle for this message, indeed just for this one scene, rather than being just a Drama. I question the inclusion of this scene.

    A scene which as a murder Drama viewer, you have neither agreed to nor signed up for:unlike murder scenes in the Drama. Yes, i’m sure that’s their point, along with many others: the soldiers didn’t sign up for this &war=murder

    However the point, like the scene, was pushed on us. We knew that already. Just like we knew soldiers get their legs blown off.

    The writer, we realise, has an agenda, which makes a so called Drama tip over into something else entirely
    & is why TKII may have jumped the shark..

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