transcripts of my comments on Vicky Frost’s Guardian Blog on The Killing II/Forbrydelsen II

  • 24 December 2011 10:25PM

    may i just say that all the negative comments on Lund’s general uselessness as variously:
    a “dysfunctional mother, girlfriend, partner and daughter” & how
    she may have “Aspergers syndrome (due to her devotion to her job)
    or be “autistic” or even “semi-autistic” (see above)
    & her “well hidden femininity” (?!) (err…)

    are fair comments, i suppose, on a Detective:but only if you would apply them in a similar fashion to a male Detective..

    let’s consider whether any of these emotionally loaded and moral judgements are ever even talked about in regard to:say Clint Eastwood, Sophie Grabol’s stated role model for her role?

    Does anybody talk about Clint Eastwood’s or a male Detective’s “well hidden masculinity”?! Does a woman have to wear a dress or be Hollywood make-upped up to be considered as not “hiding her femininity”? Or is ‘femininity’ in the way she acts? It seems Lund is being criticised for daring to step outside or indeed act beyond her rigidly proscribed gender boundaries..

    Surely all the things that make a male hero/Detective cool and mysterious and valued such as his aloofness and obsession with his mission or job are the same qualities that are judged as symptoms of mental illness or syndromes and even worse:irresponsibility to her family in a woman Detective? just as happened to Linden in the Killing remake..

    are male Detectives who have partners or are married get taken to task for being “bad fathers” for bailing out on family occasions as per the wedding when work/duty calls? Nope, i suggest they are then talked about by their family with pride in terms of their job..yes, their partners my moan a little however i suggest the term “bad father”, for a male detective, does not even exist.

    hence such criticisms: whether knowingly or not, arise from inherent and default sexism, a fact nicely illuminated by Sophie Grabol in choosing to play her role as Clint Eastwood in the first place..

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