transcripts of my comments on Vicky Frost’s Guardian Blog on The Killing II/Forbrydelsen II

hey, thanks very much for that, it makes sense. sorry i wrote your Queen once with a small q-my typo error:) that’s interesting to know, i t makes sense and i guess covers all bases for when it’s a King? I forgot, although i knew in the back of my mind, that you have a Queen, another thing we have in common huh?:)

it was surprising i felt, in the midst of all that political mayhem when poor battling bumptious Buch was suddenly told that the Queen wanted to see him! i wonder if it might have helped him to see the Queen? being as she must be pretty powerful and all? maybe she could have trounced the conniving Prime Minister-who else could get rid of him other than an election i wonder? however we shall never know..i did worry for Thomas that it was rather rude of him and possibly unheard of to put off the Queen?!

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