Tomorow:The last double episode of The Killing II:Forbrydelsen I!

Boo hoo-dear readers;the last double episode of Forbrydelsen II tomorow! Oh woe is me..who will it be? we shall see..
somewhat bereft of my vocabulary, having been writing solidly..

and now i find out i’m supposed to have done double-sided pro-formas-forms-
whaddya mean-double sided?-no, no, no…my humble printer canna do that-now you are asking way too much..
is it not enough i have heroically battled with pro-formas with tables:surely the black holes of the computer universe?
possibly, i started to ponder, nay wonder, if these tables were all some dastardly tasks or quest, that had been sent to try us? nobody else seemed bothered, beyond commenting that said tables “didn’t line up” You’re telling me they didn’t line up..sacre bleau, mon dieu, any dieu will do…

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