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Dear readers i should be back Blogging soon as doing very intense course at the mo which requires loads of writing and serious battling with computers and tables and suchlike also have had to learn how to do a powerpoint! felt very important having a memory stick, like in the movies and all..
somebody cool or an anti-hero (at the beginning) always gets burgled for their memory stick, don’t they?…

Yep, passed the practical bit and several essays have very good comments on them-one says “excellent work” which i’m very proud of-who knew they give positive praise these days? it’s great i tell Ye..

still have a ton of written work to do and reflexive journals where you are supposed to ponder on your own progress and get really deep and all and i’m not allowed to get away with missing bits out of sentences for brevity like i do here…
eg. i can’t get away with starting a sentence with “Am having…
Still should all be over by next Wednesday

Forbrydelsen II, Southlands, Bye Bye (Boo hoo) to The Only Way Is Essex & Made In Chelsea & The Walking Dead Season II

Forbrydelsen II (Danish Title) The Killing II:
TV news:
am really enjoying Forbrydelsen II, although not as deep or intense as Forbydelsen I, however what could be? Forbrydelsen I, it ’twas a one off and more like a play where this one is more like an Agatha Christie whodunnit..The cast of possible suspects is a bit mind boggling but helpfully in terms of the puzzle they keep getting bumped off..

Still, they have given Sarah some slightly tiresomely signposted (a little too early) ‘love interest’ in the form of the ever so dishy and rather hilariously named Ulrik Strange. We mustn’t laugh however since that is his real name.
n.b Where do the men in Scandinavia get their extra cool clothes and jackets? They are So well turned out..

n.b A thought from watching the latest episode of Forbrdelsen II last night:although i feel i am somewhat betraying my beloved heroine Sara Lund in saying this:i do fear that the ever bumptious and irrepressible Thomas Buch is stealing the show from under her nose. He is the something Minister, there are so many i have forgot, yet the political story line with him in it is actually far more interesting and lively than the one with Sarah! Oh Dear.

Plus Thomas is rounded (not like that) human, funny, believable, honest and true. Thomas is most definitely struggling with the classic conundrum of moral newcomer politician having to come to terms with the fact that he is surrounded by mostly lying scheming amoral socio, possibly psychopaths, who knows? Ok, he is a bit rounded, but that makes him more human to me and i like that he does not fit the required/requisite TV trope of super gene super good looking super slim even,other human race than us.

Thomas munches occasionally on a big bar of chocolate, in the car, at the desk, although last night he deferred from this and asked his beautiful steely assistant who has a truly giant Cello in her flat which is painted (one wall) with the most fabulous bright leaf neon green paint i have ever seen, “I’ll have a pear instead”! When i think about it, that may be the first time i have ever seen a character manfully munching on a pear on TV!

You really care about Thomas-unlike, i’m afraid, this time for me, Sarah. Who, yes, i know she is meant to be impassive of face however the repeated shots of her admittedly beautiful face like an old Vermeer painting staring off in mute cogitation is getting a bit tiresome.

The plot of The Killing II, Forbrydelsen II is so very labrynthine it gets perilously close to muddy befuddlement. Inducing a feeling of brain strain rather than one of delighting in a pleasing puzzle. I have a left field theory as i did in Forbrydelsen I however i won’t disclose it as it might amount to spoilerism so must not go there.

n.b Again with Thomas Buch i do like the old school TV trope of his ever absent wife-that you never see yet he keeps phoning and at one point he is inveigled outside under the ruse that his wife is there and looks unaccountably does he really have a wife we wonder?.this is an old established trope a’ la the original Columbo..

There is a lovely scene with Thomas Buch where he gets unusually pissed on champagne and ends up in “The Ministry of Integration” surrounded by foreign Dignitaries all in traditional dress mutely staring at him in polite bemusement. Apparently this is where they all hang out all night. Ok, it’s probably a ‘do’ of some sort.

The surreal idea of all foreign Dignitaries being sent over to the even more Alice in Wonderland sounding Ministry of Integration is amusing. I suppose it sounds better than the Ministry of Cohesion which always sounded like super-glue of some sort to me. Thomas is declaiming his long winded story to them in his befuddled state and you or i anyway find yourself thinking what a lovely accent Thomas has. It is a few seconds until you realise that he is actually talking in English! Nice touch.

* * *
(n.b quite into asterisks on the keyboard since i have been writing formal essays:did you know that to put an asterisk both before and after your heading makes it automatically go into bold? what a discovery!)

Southland just gets better and better all the time, will write a long overdue review when free from academic necessities. Probably the only other good thing on at the mo, along with Forbrydelsen II.

* * *
Boo hoo no more Made In Chelsea or The Only Way Is Essex-well until “The Christmas specials” groan..I did dip into ‘Desperate Scousewives” but it was too horrific.

* * *
The Walking Dead Season II
Have really been enjoying season Two of The Walking Dead although it has veered into untrodden territory of near child/gore-porn involving a young boy, an operation frontier style and a deer..Then it started getting Spielberg like creepy on us over the wonderment of guns and their supposed empowering effect on a)young boy and b) you guessed it hot blond chick who was previously passive like it was signposted above her head.

Then it had to throw in a classic liberal conundrum and challenge whether it was really right or proper to kill flesh eating zombies after all? or were they fellow creatures just like Us? Oh, addition of a beloved child zombie conundrum without going into spoilers. Then there was another evangelist/frontier style subject of pregnancy, the morning after pill and the moral rights and wrong of yes, you guessed it…However they ended it at a right cliff-hanger and it won’t be on now, like a lot of good stuff, until February next year.

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