Forbrdelsen II/The Killing II ended

Well:Ooo la la! my lips, in true time honoured tradition: especially concerning Forbrydelsen since our Scandinavian fellow Forbrydelsen fans never, ever let on when they saw Forbrydelsen I ahead of the UK, are sealed….
suffice it to say, a nail biting finale and…
damn, i had to scrub what i just wrote just in case. Certainly i was aware that my heart rate had gone up and i was shouting at the screen..

p.s i still have some questions, in fact was pondering on them after the finale, however not fair to discuss them here. They go along the lines of:
“Yes, but why did (insert name) do (insert action)?” and
“why did (insert occurrence or happening) and
“why didn’t..”? &
“how come..”? ” &
“it looks like…”?
ok, you get the idea, must stop.

Quite a brain twister it t’was. Apparently Forbrydelsen I is out on DVD in the UK to buy for Christmas for those who haven’t had the chance to see this.

Perhaps i can just squeeze in a nod to the humour inherent in this series:probably my favourite scene involved a rather rude drinking song, sung in chorus by a large gathering and with great gusto!

p.p.s i am considering writing a review without spoilers but think i will have to leave a little time and distance so as not to put my foot in it..

that’s it now:no more good TV that i can see, Southland has ended too, boo hoo.
Here cometh the virtual TV desert that is Christmas..

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