transcripts of my comments on Vicky Frost’s Guardian Blog on The Killing Remake Channel 4 Thursdays @9pm:Episodes 11&12

  • 22 September 2011 2:39PM

    Kissington, you have returned! lovely to have you back:)
    yes, this is great fun, the alternative awards..
    yes, aetiology, a much underused word..
    liked your lines

    90 minutes lost in the underworld..bad boat trip to hades..

    yes, the experience of watching The Killing remake much like a journey along the river Styx, dark, damp and dirge-like..
    thanks for the recommendation of the film

    yes, i nearly ditched half-way through too, and agree about the daftness of wetness as a clue! you reminded me of the actual plot referencing Forbrydelsen and it suddenly made a bit of sense again! Had kind of given up on any resemblance of logic, real evidence, a plot and actually seeing much through the stygian gloom..

    how about

    concrete hand of the year award

    scene stealer extraordinaire award
    1st prize Holder
    from under everybody’s noses

    2nd prize Mitch
    missing maenad from True Blood. Through a window on a telephone
    tho not hard to steal scenes from Stan & Terry

    Child in Drama most in need of a (chirpy) dog
    then, if he ever got lost again, Lassie alike could find him:
    “what, down a mine shaft?!”

    Fiance most likely to be cheating or looking like a serial killer award
    on a Sunday, another woman answers his phone & won’t put him on..

    Most incorrectly pronounced name throughout series 1 award
    by everybody. except Richmond for which he gets a prize

    Most non-Somalian Somalian characters:why? award
    The Iman
    nb. we are supposed to ignore the fact that the actor playing Bennet is not Somalian, yet he is described as having “dreads” by a witness..
    but Somalian guys don’t have dreads..

    Most calculated plot devices award :
    there for one week’s story line or just to be different from Forbrydelsen:
    Murder of 13 year old boy (unless we hear of it again)
    Use of F.G.M solely for a Muslim terrorism/paranoia plotline

    Backfiring calculated plotline award
    plot line to supposedly show discrimination and stereotyping of Muslims
    in America which did that very thing in the show..

    Muslim stereotyping galore award:
    with mention to mistaken religious references award:
    The Killing remake:

    prayer hats worn like beanie hats
    prayer hat worn to work & less than pristine (shopkeeper in beginning)
    Iman saying “your government”to Richmond
    (Richmond replies “it’s your government too” Oh Dear)
    Somalians, seemingly code for for Muslims in America, practising F.G.M?

    ridiculous inconsistent plot lines award:
    surely F.G.M, like in Britain is illegal? all Bennet had to do was report it?

    Never explained how Bennet &Mo were getting passports for under age girls & successfully transporting them, without their parents, across the border?

    Bennet is a devout Muslim, yet Amber does not appear to have converted to marry him? eg not wearing a Hijab when she goes out..

    Award for travesty, con & sham of a remake award:
    The Killing Remake
    for fooling it’s viewers into expecting resolution at the end of the series
    relying on the fact that it is a murder Drama to keep viewers hooked
    for remaking a near Masterpiece Forbrydlesen equalling a travesty..

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