transcripts of my comments on Vicky Frost’s Guardian Blog on The Killing Remake Channel 4 Thursdays @9pm:Episode 11

  • 14 September 2011 2:16PM

    thanks, i’m trying to think on that one, hmm.. (this may take a while)
    cheers. Yes, but it a due for a rant. I know….

    BTW @All:
    who didn’t see the gold coin punch line coming at the end a mile off? pleeezz save us from this God awful gold coin story now…

    nb. i had the admittedly odd feeling, odd since i had to remind myself that nobody except us were party to his various phone calls to his sister, that all those conversations, like his narco anonymous speech were all simply staged by Holder for effect-weird huh?
    eg. he wasn’t even talking to a voicemail

    also, wouldn’t anybody who realises that another adult has
    a) swapped mobile numbers with your child
    b)neither asked you if this is ok nor told you that they have done it

    be just a little taken aback and maybe take that person to task for doing it without your permission?

    but of course Linden was to busy being denigrated by Holder for not being there for her son and thus distracted by Holder from the real point of this discovery which was finding out he not only had he swapped numbers with Jack but was now on phone chatting terms with her son without her knowledge eg.
    “well at least

    answer my phone (guilt trip city)

    funny that Holder could break a young teenager’s pass code so easily?
    anybody know what “funnyuns” is?

    Also note how Holder speaks back to Linden the exact same phrase he said at his Narco anonymous speech, testing her out to see if she will admit to having been there. Or trip herself up having been hooked by his feeder line into giving away information that she could only have known from being there..classic manipulator technique.

    Being that Holder is the stand out in this series and the only one with enough gumption, nay energy, amongst the walking dead of the cast, to kill somebody (except maybe Regi or Rick) i vote him for the doer.

    He is certainly an expert manipulator and master of guises in my opinion. He knocks Linden down, bullies and criticises her, to build her up and then praise her. Questioning her constantly about her background and her personal history. Then using this information against her.

    Playing on her vulnerability and lack of self-esteem. Creating a sense of shared backgrounds and commonality between them. All techniques used by manipulators.
    (ok too many episodes of Criminal Minds..)

    It would be really annoying if they used Holder’s supposed damaged past as the aetiology for his possible madness and murdering ways. See, look what happens when you don’t have a Momz and Dad….

    well was i the only one not feeling all soppy about the closing scene with him in the hallway instead detecting a slight hint of something sinister &not quite so hallmark in his eyes?..

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