transcripts of my comments on Vicky Frost’s Guardian Blog on The Killing Remake Channel 4 Thursdays @9pm:Episode 11

  • 14 September 2011 7:01PM

    i have it! i like the sound of a maple bacon doughnut..
    @More Tears
    hey, thanks for that, nice one
    nb @All:
    For everyone piling in on More Tears about her/him saying there is no resolution at the end of this season:that seems a bit unfair since i distinctly remember an American commentator very early on, in Blog one or two maybe, informing us of the same thing and saying sorry if it was a spoiler but they thought we should have fair warning. i also mentioned it two Blogs back from this in a sentence about dramatic tension and hence the lack of it since we knew that already..

    nb. a thought occurs that in this lightly knitted nightmare scenario of Episode 11, or rather crochet with lots of holes, Linden was most likely going around all day with the very number in her mobile of Jack’s Dad..the person who had him.

    i take your point however i think what people have pointed out is that this characterisation and personal information seemed forced upon us somehow all in one episode. Hence, well in my case anyway, leading to a natural rebellion against what became an apparent obvious ploy.

    plus in my experience, when someone has been in care or Foster care, it’s not information they give up lightly at all. I guess the root of my annoyance is that all this background stuff failed spectacularly for me in growing some sympathy for or with the characters.

    Maybe as people have pointed out, if it had been drip fed more slowly throughout? I think we kind of gathered so far that both Holder and Linden had troubled pasts. Possibly we feel a little starved of the police procedural side of it. Myself i have given up on that a while back now and am just along for the ride..

    @ All:
    Wasn’t it Hitchcock who said that what the eye doesn’t see the imagination fills in far more scarily?

    Yes, i did feel a twinge of sympathy for Holder at the end of the corridor. Perhaps it wasn’t a sinister light? he definitely emoted pain in his eyes. Due, of course as has been so tiresomely spelt out now, to him not having a “Momz”. Like Linden even..
    At least i could see


    in his eyes, unlike you know who (fish face)
    or anybody else for that matter..

    nb. call me cruel and cynical but was

    “not knowing where the light switch was and the window”


    the worst thing

    that could happen to a child whether in or out of Foster care?

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