transcripts of my comments on James Donaghy’s Guardian Blog on The Killing Remake Channel 4 Thursdays @9pm:Episode 9

  • 29 August 2011 3:49PM


    I agree with your point. However i’m not sure that comparing and contrasting a named Remake with it’s original necessarily makes it

    impossible to enjoy

    that surely is a subjective judgement? Isn’t it up to the viewer to make their own mind up when reading such criticism? a written review does not have the effect of making anything either possible or “impossible” to “enjoy” surely?.

    The definition of Remake as a noun is

    a film or a piece of music that has been filmed or recorded again

    The AMC The Killing is described as The Remake-eg. a noun .

    Remake as a verb:

    make (something) again or differently

    Yes, i can understand why an actress may not want to watch the original as they were worried it might affect their own performance. However doesn’t this reflect an insecurity in your skills as an actress? If you follow that logic the actress shouldn’t ever have watched any Detective Dramas at all, just in case she played a Detective one day!

    If she was that worried surely the thing to do was watch the Original with a good time gap before her performance to let it sink in and assimilate? Then she could have used, or elements of it, it or not: as she chose. Or just as a frame of reference.

    The reason i said it was annoying is that i found this an odd and slightly arrogant attitude. As someone here mentioned:it smacks of ego. Surely this is like someone doing a cover version of a song whilst refusing to listen to the original song? It suggests that they think theirs will be so much better and/or have nothing to learn off anyone else.

    No, a

    jumper does not a performance make

    i was just pointing out the irony, or is it hypocrisy, of her stance whilst dressed and made up the same, right down to the twin tendrils of hair!

    Like doing that cover version of a song, refusing to listen to the original, just reading the music/script whilst having the same album cover!

    If the actress had this stance then why not insist on wearing her own ideas for outfits & hair then? Why submit to copying the original at all?

    It is half-way one thing and half-way not.

    Considering her furrowed brow& serial silent stares, the script is directing her to do what she refused to watch anyway:which is play Sarah Lund! What other Detective goes around like that?

    Perhaps if she had watched the original, let it cook for a while, then did her bit in the Remake:it might have added some extra depth and intensity to her performance. Or maybe not. We will never know..

    I was simply comparing and contrasting, a time honoured form of criticism which in this case was focussing more light on the Remake and throwing up new points by way of comparison.

    Since theorising, beyond mooting names with possible vague motives on the basis of very little character background and fairly zero procedural is really rather hard to do.

    Since it feels pretty much rinsed it out now, given what we’ve had to work with. All that’s left, it seems, is to describe the action as it happens, and to take the teeny tiny clues..which are:what again exactly?

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