New!:Wallander The Collector:Warning Serious Spoilers:Do not read if you don’t want to know who did it(it was too complicated to leave it out)

In which we enter the world of MMA:Mixed Martial Arts and realise why Isabelle fought off her black clad and balaclava’d attacker so successfully in a previous episode and won my admiration and my nickname agent Isabelle. Because she is a trained Mixed Martial Art fighter. Cool.

We also discover Isabelle’s dark and secret past when, aged 15/16, she was the victim of an obsessive and controlling love affair with the mysterious Patrick who introduced her to the world of MMA. Patrick is an MMA fighter and ex-convict with a psychotic brother called Lepowski. Isabelle escaped from the control of the two bad brothers and escaped to a new town and joined the Police. She has made a whole new life for herself.

Isabelle has never stopped fighting both literally and figuratively. Since she continues training in MMA. Whilst carrying a metaphorical and perpetual shield around her for protection.

This is another episode portraying the constant care of Wallander towards Isabelle
A relationship stronger than Isabelle can comprehend or trust in yet due to her father walking out when she was very young. She cannot trust Wallander fully so she does not tell him anything. Nor does she immediately trust or tell her new boyfriend Pontus either.

Both Wallander and now Pontus have unconditional love for Isabelle.

In spite of Isabelle’s repeated rejections of him and his offers of help it is Pontus who stubbornly persists in questioning Isabelle about her past when he realises that she is in danger. He shadows Isabelle throughout at her meetings with the evil and obsessive Patrick. Pontus risks his own career in keeping quiet about Isabelle’s past at her request.

In spite of the new love affair between Pontus and Isabelle it is the unconditional love of Wallander that is most healing to Isabelle ultimately in the end. This episode also has a classically beautiful Wallander ending. A scene that i mistakenly thought signified the ending of the series. Just as i thought that the beginning did…

At the beginning of the episode i missed a bit and saw that Wallander and everyone at the Police Station were in uniform and toasting with champagne. Kurt is retiring! i can’t watch, even though he has his uniform on.. but no, it is the rookies Isabelle and Pontus who are graduating to be Policeman. Even the receptionist has her uniform on and is insisting on taking a photo of Kurt!
(what did i tell you dear readers a while back, it is the receptionist who really cared when Jussi was lost and now it seems is rather fond of Kurt!)

Pontus is obviously getting obsessed with Isabelle or maybe that is just what falling in love looks like.

Of course there is a murder. Of a woman fighter, Therese, who runs an MMA club. Isabelle sees the club name:
“My club!, I knew her!”

nb. We see in the beginning scenes an attacker with black clothes and balaclava fighting with the now woman victim. Just like Isabelle in a previous episode, the woman fights back, successfully for a while with great strength. An unusual thing in a Drama to see a woman victim fight back for so long. Wallander is always egalitarian.

Pontus comes to the scene of the murder wearing a naff raincoat and a black polo neck jumper and looks creepy. (he doesn’t have the look yet)

In a sub-plot to do with Katrina’s daughter: we see Katrina finding her daughter Hannah entertaining two boys from school in her bedroom and Hannah has an expensive new mobile.

Kurt at the murder scene with Pontus:
“I’d suck a lozenge if i was you, you stink of booze”!

Kurt questions one of the men from the MMA club, Riviera, at the Police station. Pontus sees Isabelle hugging Riviera who she knows from training at the club. Pontus doesn’t like it..

Kurt questioning Riviera, Therese’s boyfriend, who says:
“She had 60,000 to 70,000 cash and jewellery”
“Why did she show you her jewellery?”
“She wanted to look nice, we were going to Copenhagen”..

Kurt goes with Pontus and Isabelle to a MMA Nationwide Boxing Match:
Looks shocked. Kurt asks Isabelle:
“So you call this a sport?!”

It’s bare feet and no helmets for the fighters. (they fight viscously) Suddenly, one of the fighters calls out to Isabelle from the ring:
“Rebekkah!” he keeps shouting this name over and over. Isabelle looks horrified and frozen and pushes through the crowd with her head down.
(it slowly transpires that the mysterious fighter is Patrick, from her past)

Pontus asks Isabelle:
“Why did he call out Rebekkah?” She won’t answer.

Meanwhile back at the Police station Korin the Pathologist is giving her report to Kurt. (Therese, the victim was pregnant.) He looks at Korin funny. He doesn’t know what is different.
(She has make-up on) This is a continuation i felt from the scene in the last episode where Korin gazes at herself for a long time in the morgue mirror. Adding to my theory that Korin holds a torch for our dashing and handsome Kurt..

Kurt questions Fabian, an ex-boyfriend of Therese, the victim.
Fabian describes Therese’s current MMA teacher boyfriend Riviera:
“He’s the master”
“You’re a gambler, in debt, her flat is stripped of didn’t know she was having a baby?”

Later Kurt comes with Jussi to see Katrina at home and finds out that Hannah’s dad didn’t buy her the new expensive mobile.

We see the obsessive Patrick find out Isabelle’s phone number from her license plate. At the same time Pontus is shown looking up Patrick on the Police computer..

Patrick phones up Isabelle on her mobile:
“Hey Rebekkah, why have you changed your name?”

Pontus & Isabelle:
Isabelle finally tells Pontus that she was once involved with Patrick.
“Are you scared?”

Isabelle tells Kurt:
“A box of mobiles was stolen”
“What the hell is she playing at?!”

Isabelle goes to meet Patrick at a cafe’. The cafe is called Diana.
nb. Diana is the Huntress in Greek mythology. She has a gun in her bag. Her Police gun.
“Want a princess cupcake?”
(smiles a lot)
“This is the last time we meet, i ask you to accept that”.
“I asked you to marry me, yes, you said”..
“There’s nothing left between us”
“Of course there is!”

meanwhile outside Pontus is watching and Lipowski, Patrick’s brother comes up up him:
“You should ask your bird what she used her c*** for apart from being f***ed”..

nb. Why hasn’t she left yet? She is looking all soppy.
“Maybe you’ve changed. I’m fond of you, you know that, but..”
(never say that!)
she continues:
“Things are different now, you don’t know me, so let it go..”
“Whatever happens, I love you”..
She finally goes.

Pontus to Isabelle:
“You smuggled in?”
“Yes, i took the stuff in”
Isabelle tells how Lipowski threatened to slice her up with a Stanley knife at the rubbish bins outside the prison if she did not obey and smuggle in drugs to Patrick inside.

Meanwhile Kurt goes to meet Sebastian, one of Hannah’s friends and questions him about the stolen mobiles. Finds out it was Hannah who stole them. A whole box.
Kurt asks Hannah, Katrina’s daughter, to come to his house and tells her:
“I know it was you who took the mobiles. Now you go tell Mum or I will”..

Later at the Police station Kurt questions Fabian:
“Look, give me a name, who murdered Therese?
I know you’re scared, but I can help you, I mean we can get this bastard”!..

The ex-boyfriend of Therese, Fabian, goes to see her current boyfriend Riviera at the MMA Club. (They are both great big tough guys to look at) Fabian brings flowers to the little memorial with candles in the street outside and says to Riviera:
“I really loved her Riviera!”
(they both cry a bit together!)
suddenly Riviera jumps on Fabian, pins him down on the ground and appears to starts breaking Fabian’s fingers! Riviera:
“Do you know who killed her? I love her too!”…

Lipowski, Patrick’s psychotic brother jumps Isabelle:
(telling her he knows she is Police now)
“Police piggy wiggy!”

Isabelle goes to the MMA club to train with Riviera. Still carrying her Police gun in her bag.
(He whacks her hard during training and she has to leave to put an ice pack on her shoulder). Isabelle looks at Riviera. Has she left her gun behind for him?

Patrick phones to ask Isabelle if he can see her “one last time?”! She says:
“Yes, I’ll leave the front door open”..
then :
“bang, bang!”
Patrick is shot.

Kurt & Nyberg attend the scene:
“The gun, taped butt, the pistol was a 9mm. A Sig Sauer..”

Meanwhile Patrick’s brother Lipowski reads about his own brother’s death in the newspaper. Identifies him in the morgue. Kisses him.

Pontus & Isbelle:
“Did you shoot Patrick? Tell Wallander. Do it now”!

Later Lipowski is popping little red pills like Smarties and swigging from a bottle of Vodka. He has grabbed Isabelle in her flat and is holding her hostage.
Lipowski is shouting to Isabelle how he always kept his little brother safe from when Patrick was young:
“He was holding onto my arm, tight”..
“I’m sorry that Patrick is dead”
Lipowski is alternately hitting and threatening to kill Isabelle. Whilst continuing to swig Vodka and pop pills.

Kurt and Pontus arrive at the scene:
(Pontus having finally told Kurt of Isabelle’s involvement with Patrick)
Kurt to Pontus:
“Do you think she shot Patrick?”
Kurt to Lipowski through a loudspeaker:
“Listen, can i have a word with Isabelle?”
“All officers withdraw!”
“I’m going in!”
Pontus ignores Kurt and they both go in. Isabelle is lying badly beaten on the floor.
Kurt finally realises. When Pontus is cradling Isabelle in his arms.

Riviera with Kurt at the Police Station:
“He murdered the one I love, I took Isabelles’s gun, she was carrying my baby”..
He gets the gun out and points it to his head. Time freezes. He passes it over.

Kurt and Katrina at the end (in her office)
“Riviera refused to say where he got the gun”.
“You’re hiding something, it’s Isabelle’s gun”
“Her future is in our hands..
he continues
“Hannah, did she tell you I’d had a word? We protect the ones we love, even if we know they’ve done wrong”..

Later, by the sea at Kurt’s house, Kurt, Isabelle & Pontus:
Kurt to Isabelle:
I don’t care what you did before you came to Ystad, but i wish you had come to me.
You are not alone!”
“Forgive me?”
Isabelle hugs Kurt. Ahh..
“Why did you leave the door open for Patrick?”
“Because I once loved him”..
(nb.he would have killed her. The old “If I can’t have her nobody else can”)
“There’s another problem we have to sort out if you’re ever going to be a Cop”..
Shows her the pistol. Gives it back to her.

Kurt to Pontus:
“What you did was totally wrong but I wish all Police had a colleague like you!
I’ll miss you”..
Pontus & Isbelle leave, walking away along the beach playing and laughing. Poor Wallander. All alone.
“C’mon, Jussi, we’ll sit down”..

Quiet Night, thoughts become a whisper..

Kurt & Jussi
Look out onto the sea together. Kurt sitting on a chair on a grassy knoll. Only the sound of the waves..

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