New!coming soon:Write up of Spiral 1 Episodes 1&2 BBC4 Saturdays @9pm

nb. it’s quite long..the precis fairy does not visit me often. Last weeks summary must be the shortest precis i have ever done! eg. (off the top of my head)
Spiral is very good if a bit mad.

Quick notes on Spiral
write up will set the scene (realise i’m not entirely sure if it is in Paris-think it’s in an arondissement or suburb of Paris much as i would like it to be in Paris don’t think it is) However the actors/actresses speak like Parisiens, fast, in fact vite and with lots of slang that is not always translated to it’s full rudeness.. It’s dark but fun and has humour which i like. Well i think it’s humour, i may just find it funny sometimes..

To get to the point i will describe Berthauld, Pierre, his ex-wife Marianne, Gilou, Josephine and Le Juge, The Judge..The strands of various murders, well i tend to avoid looking at those gory bits, so i leave out the descriptions of the poor benighted bodies beyond a glimpse of a tiny foot under a sheet that i wasn’t expecting. Guess Spiral goes places other shows don’t..

A thought:the time period of Spiral is unclear:it could be set in the 70’s onwards to now..

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