Wallander:The Heritage:Note to my readers

Dear Readers i must apologise for any confusion caused by my notes on Wallander and TV Stuff i recently posted which refers to my new write up of Wallander:The Heritage episode. In that this write up has gone missing! Totally gutted i am. It was up, i published it and now it’s gone, disparu, i have no idea where. Even the draft is not complete and it should be as it was auto saved all the way through. Oh woe is me. I have looked up hill and down dale. It is nowhere to be found.

I cannot understand how a published piece can just disappear? It’s very confusing and upsetting. This has happened to me once before with a Made In Chelsea piece-just vanished overnight! Trying not to be paranoid and think that Gremlins are afoot…Anyway, i will have to start all over again and it will take a while but it will go up again in nearest to original form that i can do. Can’t be now will have to be later tonight ok. Sorry about that.

OK:it’s up now! plus saved on the hard drive which is better apparently. If you look four pieces down from this on the left hand list you will find it. It has occurred to me i need a search finder for this blog..

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