Transcripts of y comments on James Donaghy’s Guardian Blog on The Killing Remake Channel 4 Thursdays @9pm

  • 10 August 2011 11:48PM


    cheers for that:)

    ah yes, the Mayor, he of the i came up the hard way speech and “don’t ever tell me i don’t know what it’s like to be black” (coz his Dad shovelled coal!)whilst his black aide cringed silently and the “Richmond has a rainbow coalition going…”i won’t repeat the words here..


    Yes, i used to watch all those but reached saturation point. Too much gore, torture, women victims.underground lairs, chains, basements, cupboards, ad infinitum.. Criminal Minds had an amusing touch of The Champions about it tho!

    As you say, i too will probably still try and decipher the crime from what i learned specially the psychological profiling which was very interesting and why i kept watching Criminal Minds after dropping all the others till that too became too much..

    (see above)

    From all that: I will tend to suspect those nearest and dearest to her since that is a lot more common than the eponymous evil serial killer type although both could combine…


    Yes, i agree that Regi’s relationship with Linden is very odd. If she is her ex-social worker it seemed a bit of a nightmare to me from the point of view of Linden for Regi to be bugging her vocally at work.

    Regi was pronouncing on Linden in i felt a patronising and judgemental way. My take on it was that Linden was putting up with it since Regi was providing free 24/7 childcare. Not a small thing for a single parent.

    I agree with @Devongirl that this is way over the boundary like over the border more like..Granted they may have become friends however surely this is highly unethical and similar to becoming friends with a patient? Yes, we remember Pierre, and how horribly wrong that went!..

    Just because i don’t like Regi at all is not this a sign of more than a little obsession with Sarah on her part?..

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