transcripts of my comments on James Donaghy’s Guardian Blog on The Killing Remake Channel 4 Thursdays @9pm:Episode 8

  • 26 August 2011 1:43AM

    @James Donaghy:

    like Digby Chicken Caesar! truly hilarious:))and wasn’t that a brainwave of Linden’s to phone Mohammed? a light bulb popped above her head after somebody bumped into her! perhaps they were on the phone?


    yes, and then poor benighted Mohammed runs even though he doesn’t know Linden by sight! before she calls out “Stop! Police!” Odd that.

    during this unexciting chase through the market funky music plays..Mo is faced with gun pointing cops in front and behind:

    “Get down on your knees!” and starts praying. Obviously thinking he’s about to be shot or taken to Guantanamo..

    Also interesting was the opening scene in which the phone conversation in Arabic from Bennet to Mohammed is replayed. Unaccountably the language now is sounding very like Japanese! Even the Muslim translator hasn’t noticed! Real Arabic is only heard in the final interview with Mo..


    “All we have to do now is cross the i’s and dot the t’s” Which newly fake-Fair Isle jumpered Linden repeats back to him.. Holder:

    “maybe i could teach Algebra..if Oakes has his head up his a** 181/2″ and the Judge has his head up his a** 51/2feet, how many inches is that?”!

    Poor Bennet, even the school Principal can’t pronounce his name right, then Amber goes all Judas on him…

    Richmond goes to see the Iman who also is shown wearing his prayer cap like a beanie hat as was the original shopkeeper and is not Somalian and has a very corny accent.


    “How can i trust you and your Government?”


    “It’s not mine, it’s both our government”

    (is this a moral message?)

    Mitch turns into Herman Munster, looming into view. For her, pale and staring, equals grief. (sorry but she doesn’t compare well with Pernille and is unfortunately forever typecast for me as the mad Maenad in True Blood) Mitch to Linden:

    “You told me it was over!”

    (yes, that was dumb Linden)

    more Holderism:

    “I’m no good at this racial profiling”

    ( err, none of you are, the producers, the script, the actors..even the interpreter was repeating what seemed to be Japanese, not Arabic earlier)

    Richmond in a bar with Gwen:

    Richmond is drinking. Americans only do that in Dramas when they are really depressed or, you know, Lost..


    “Lily, she loved this song!”

    Boy, they play miserable songs in this Bar, real loud.(Sarah Vaughn?)

    “She drove off, alone, that night..i stopped listening..”


    “then listen to her now”!

    Gwen leaves. No one else in the bar..

    Munster Mitch is crying in the bedroom. Stan looking like there’s a bad smell.Mitch:

    “You let him go, he killed our daughter!”

    Did anybody ever actually say that?

    nb. syrupy scene of the week:

    Stan helps little girl with bike:

    “Be careful!”

    As she goes off in slo-mo whilst mushy music plays..

    Richmond pleads for 5 million Dollars from Drexler to “rebuild the Somalian community.” (That’s a lot of money for repainting a Mosque.) Drexler:

    “5 million for this shot!”

    (Oh dear how tiresome)


    “then i keep the ball and wont need you..”


    “Guys like you always need guys like me”..

    Holder questions Mohammed:(finally the translator is actually talking Arabic)

    “You’re in some deep shit..couldn’t wait for the 72 virgins huh?”


    Holder and Linden display a lamentable lack of knowledge about F.G.M.

    (12 is a bit old for F.G.M & pretty sure Ayesha isn’t Somalian either)

    Final montage:

    Stan beats up Bennet who screams.

    Mitch finds the pink T-shirt in the washing:oops!

    Belko is beating up a rock:painful! Whilst Stan pulverises Bennet..

    Amber twiddles mobile in the cot.

    Holder & Linden:


    “Need an APB on a Latin male!” (?!) unless i misheard

    Stan & Belko stand over the possibly dead figure of Bennet in the blue night.

    Where did they get the giant rock?

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