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  • 19 August 2011 12:22AM

    I dunno, call me Miss cynical but that whole scene rang indeed like “the Oscars” for me, much like the gold coin story. A gold coin, really?? haven’t i heard that story before somewhere? Yes, i know it’s a classic junkie story but still..there is so much schmaltz around in American Dramas it’s hard to know:eg. file it under classic meaningful moment? but i wonder this:

    Would Holder, a deep-undercover Narc cop for years really not know that Linden was oops accidentally spotting him having his brown envelopes handed over? or that she was following him to his N.A meeting?

    Did Holder not smirk when her phone went off and he saw LInden there? The whole thing smacked (!) of a cover story in itself for me, artfully set up perhaps but still a cover..

    note that there are butterflies, and i remember Holder alluding knowledgeably to the Monarchs, that mimic exactly other butterfly’s markings to gain safety from predators.It’s called evolutionary mimicry.

    and what is the one cover that another cannot question and automatically confers a mini-sainthood upon one? the reformed addict story..

    However why, you might argue, would Holder need a cover at all? i dunno, it’s just a feeling.

    random observations:

    Someone in the writers likes/knows their i remember a quote from Ovid by Jamie i think and now we have Richmond :

    boning up on my Cicero last night

    well that makes a change..

    then he has to go and ruin it all by saying:

    If Adams wants to get dirty he better like the taste of mud!

    What has happened to lovely Obama-lite Richmond? he’s gone all vengeful and is using metaphors and spouting cliches as badly as Jamie now?


    i love it that you’re willing to go negative

    (What, like Negative Man, or something?)

    nb. isn’t it rather a tiresome classic trope that politicos have to impart important quotes? eg. the fashion used to be for Lao Tzu, now Latin’s in..

    Linden finds out that Holder was transferred to Homicide from Narc from Oakes:

    some Muckity Muck at County called in a chit

    amusing moment:

    Mitch turns briefly into a vampire when watching the TV news about her daughter. In the dark, only two pointed white teeth are visible at the side of her shocked, semi-opened mouth.

    Slightly suspect moments:

    Mitch claiming that the T-shirt belonged to Rosie whilst telling an over long and therefore somewhat suspicious story whilst never actually saying “Yes”.

    Terry being very cheerful. Also slightly coquettish towards Stan i felt. Could Terry be moving in on Mitch’s family? I have alluded to Terry’s unaccountable jollity before.

    Apart from one mournful scene Terry has seemed full of the joys of spring..Doing Darth Vader impressions this week, the other week, laughing. Also she did dob in Mitch a little creepily i felt. Wouldn’t a loyal sister have broached the garage incident with Mitch? Methinks Terry rather likes Stan?..

    Sorry to bring in comedy into what as meant to be a deep and moving scene but found it amusing that the repentant drunk driver lady was inadvertently speaking in rhyme:

    I think about it every day the life that i took away

    After which Richmond goes to the loo, just knew he was going to smash the mirror, classic man is upset trope.

    end montage:

    Mitch is putting up giant blue butterflies in Rosie’s room.

    Richmond is staring in a great white shirt with big collar (Obama style)

    Bennet is on the phone in rather exaggerated Arabic then English

    nb. why would Bennet cut to English when he could have kept it all in Arabic and said incriminating stuff in English? with Amber around..


    ok, we’re on our way, they got something on the wire..

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