transcripts of my comments on James Donaghy’s Guardian Blog on The Killing Remake Channel 4 Thursdays @9pm:Episode 8

  • 20 August 2011 6:10PM

    @JSully: Emily Dickinson huh, who would have thought!:) my first idea was Keats on acid or more likely his favourite laudanum..


    Yes, Richmond and the mirror: also, why didn’t his hand bleed? i was waiting for him to examine it! but nothing, is it because he is like, so cool?

    Hey, good point about the coupling of the confessions. From Holder right to the drunk driver. Hadn’t clocked that. Yes, they do go in for that don’t they, somewhat self obsessed stuff and more than a little ‘poor me’ like they have forgotten who exactly the victim was?!

    I agree that it is slow, but i too don’t mind that but like you, find it hard to really like any of the characters. i’m thinking that Linden is probably the least unlikeable and i must like her on that basis?! if that sounds negative i guess that she is the best pick of the sorry bunch. However i do like the remake and will stick with it, now i have committed, being a loyal sort;)


    maybe it doesn’t matter if you don’t particularly like any of the characters? I think of it as donning my scientist’s hat (if they had one) or how about scientist spectacles and gazing down into the petri dish. Have watched plenty programmes for fun on that basis..


    yes, too true. I still don’t know whether it’s meant to look slightly stagey on purpose to make us suspect Holder or it’s just plain Hallmark moment.?

    May i say thank you so much for your Blogs, always enjoyed them and your humour and often poetic prose, which i especially like:)


    Is it just me or did anybody else find Holder’s stance (well if it was real) distinctly annoying on reflection at his N.A. meeting? Yes, three cheers for not being gloriously off your head, stealing off your sister who brought you up and your own nephew to boot. Are you expecting a medal now?!

    Of course i may be taking it way too seriously. However Holder was walking around like he had a golden floating halo after that scene like The Saint..

    I used to be pro-Holder but went anti after his nasty somewhat threatening tirade against Linden for not having left yet. Apart from a couple of tiresome “Yo’s” all fake lingo dripped away revealingly in that scene, i wondered who is Holder, really?


    That’s very kind of you however we already have wonderful Professional Blog writers here!

    Thanks for the info, i didn’t know what “shards” meant.

    some thoughts and questions on the latest episode:

    My favourite scene:

    Linden & the Twinkly mysterious roof-top

    In which we see Linden on top of an unexplained building with City lights twinkling below. Equally inexplicably she appears to be on the roof! Where is she? We presume it is a Motel. She has ditched Jack. Did i miss a bit?

    More saliently, Holder has magically appeared on the roof right next to her. How exactly? Linden barely remarks on his magical apparition at her right shoulder nor does she ask how he knew where she was and more specifically up on the roof..apart from:

    what are you doing?


    What’s with Little man, are you staying here now?

    Yes Linden, on the top of a roof?!

    Note Holder has appeared out of nowhere, hence he is pretty good at shadowing her, a lot better than she is at following him. As you would expect from an undercover cop..

    The Pink T-Shirt:

    i agree with @James Donaghy that this plot line seems unconvincing. Yet as @James Donaghy pointed out over the “terrorism plot”, this may means the complete opposite, eg.true! So maybe Rosie kept the T-shirt. However wouldn’t the T-shirt be rather tiny now?

    nb. Can an identification really be carried out on a photograph?

    The release of the Crime File Photos to the Newspapers & TV Station

    i agree with everybody who has said that this was a distinct failing on Linden’s part. Why on earth didn’t she lock up these files? Guess she just left them open on the laptop?

    Jack, whilst oddly unrepentant over his actions, does admit to sending the files to his friends however does not mention sending the files to the TV Station or the Newspapers. Would this be a likely course of action to occur to Jack and his computer leaning mates? If jack had sent the files to a TV station surely he would have boasted of this during his argument with Linden?

    Which leads me to wonder:who else could have sent those files? there only seems to Holder or Regi in the frame..

    ludicrous/bad comedy moment:

    Stan realising he has spread Horseradish sauce on the boys’ sandwiches instead of mayonnaise! Cue giant close up of jar. More than somewhat surreal. It might help to turn the lights on Stan!..

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