transcripts of my comments on James Donaghy’s Guardian Blog on The Killing Remake Channel 4 Thursdays @9pm:Episode 7

  • 15 August 2011 2:15PM

    the remake;some prosaic points;


    Is Holder bent, as in crooked?, or just an ex-drug addict with cash flow problems?

    Is he the source, eg. the mole?

    Will he ever stop talking in faux street lingo?

    Does he buy a new suit?

    Is he growing one of those dreadful pointy beardy things out of his chin?

    Where does he live?

    Will the Police station Boss ever given a name?

    Did he escape from The Lives Of Others?

    Does anyone ever use a computer at the Police Station?

    Why hasn’t the Tec guy examined the campaign car? it must have dried out by now

    Why is Amber left alone all day and is not in the hospital?

    Why isn’t her sister or some sisters from the Mosque with her to help?

    Will Bennet grow an expression?

    Why is he having Qur’an lessons at home instead of at the Mosque?

    (clearly a plot device)


    Where does Linden usually live?

    Does she have an apartment?

    Who told her that red lipstick suited her?(sexist alert)

    Does she ever write anything down or record it?

    Why doesn’t she have any files or paperwork? or even a laptop..

    Why has she not checked how Rosie travelled to Bennet’s?

    Ditto why hasn’t she checked if and hence how Rosie left Bennet’s?

    Why has she not placed the location of the super 8 film? or time/date?

    Why has she not checked Amber’s story eg. sightings of her car?

    Why hasn’t she checked the Ammonium Hydroxide from the body with the Ammonium Hydroxide found at Bennet’s?

    Why has she not checked other uses of Ammonium Hydroxide? i have..

    Gwen:why does she have to be:

    a)shown in bed (watching whilst Richmond gets ready to do his important work=classic sexist trope)

    (if you don’t think this is sexist imagine Richmond cross legged with just a T-shirt on doing his ‘work’ in bed as Gwen is, papers and mobile spread out!)

    b) instant soft porn shagging? (with no protection-tut tut Richmond..)

    =2 sexist tropes+Mitch in bath =3 sexist tropes now..

    nb. if you don’t think Mitch in the bath was sexist just imagine the same scene with Stan instead!;)

    nb. how come Rosie’s body had Ammonium Hydroxide on it yet she was alive and running before she was trapped into the car boot? eg. when & how did she come into contact with the chemical?

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