Transcripts of my comments on James Donaghy’s Guardian Blog on The Killing Remake Channel 4 Thursdays @9pm:Episode 7

  • 11 August 2011 11:00PM
    @James Donaghy: &@ All:
    Really enjoyed your write up as usual! Specially liked;
    it’s merely miserably overcast
    study buddy
    this is not his beautiful house this is not his beautiful wife
    Lovely touch of The Talking Heads!.
    Three cheers to you for spelling the Qur’an and Mohammed right. Even Broadsheets i have seen don’t get that right. The subtitles (to which i am addicted to now after The Killing and Spiral) spelt Mohammed wrong:as in Muhammed. It’s rather an important distinction!
    nb. It didn’t seem to occur to Linden & Holder that there would be quite a few Mohammeds, did it? The Iman said a number i didn’t quite catch. Also interesting that the missing girl is called Aisha, also a very famous Muslim name.
    Also, the Qur’an that Bennet lent Rosie appeared to be in Arabic, as it is in it’s original form. A little difficult for her to read?! The “salaam alaykum” was a nice touch and they spelt that right, shame they didn’t get the rest better researched.
    Mitch has taken up smoking and gone all Lady Macbeth hasn’t she? What was with her parent’s accents?! Are they Swedish? or from Minnesota perhaps i believe there is Scandinavian links there. Oh Dear their comments about “mixing in schools”..
    I am secretly expecting& hoping (although it’s bad i know) Linden to start smoking again any time soon..
    Cue the F.B.I, and hence a supposed terrorist plot i am presuming..Note that the meat packing factory may be linked to the supply of the meat first seen hanging by the haunches in the Muslim shop in the beginning that Stan and Belko go to for “a delivery”? However this may all well be a big red herring..
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