Transcripts of my comments on James Donaghy’s Guardian Blog on The Killing Remake Channel 4 Thursdays @9pm:Episode 7

  • 12 August 2011 12:23AM

    @James Donaghy:

    i’m wondering if

    merely miserably

    has a touch of The Smiths about it as in

    heaven knows i’m miserable now..


    hey thanks for that, yes, enviably precise;) (Oh precis, precis, why do i not see thee before me?!) Blimey, is everyone in The Killing remake bar Richmond it seems (who i swear i heard pronounce Ahmed correctly!) err racially challenged shall we call it?!


    I was mentally castigating Linden for not covering her head inside the Mosque still they did take their shoes off. I was hoping they might stay “for evening prayers” that would have been interesting and i felt they might have gained real ‘intel’ if they had shown willing so to speak. Just an idea.


    Yes, it did get really rather good, didn’t it?, i barely noticed Linden’s lipstick, ok once, in the car. I’m afraid that newly smoking (literally with rage as well as fags) Lady Macbeth maybe gearing up into some fighting talk, if you remember what happened in he original..(trying not to do spoilers)

    I also found the scene with the boys wrong somehow-i think you have a point there. Still the line:

    and no more heaven stuff all right?

    i found refreshingly real sounding

    very funny your transcript of the Mum’s speech! Also good i agree was the insight into right-wing radio jocks a’la Beck. What hope for their racial/religious awareness if that’s all they hear huh?


    Richmond came out of it rather well i thought:i am a fan:)

    Holder is getting rather fed up with Linden veering into nasty now isn’t he?! He seemed suddenly large as a tree when he loomed over Linden in that scene and freaked me out a bit. Gone was his tiresome street talk and i found myself thinking:is this the real Holder?!

    nb. can anyone in America really get away with calling people “Chief”? wouldn’t it be politically incorrect and way out of date since like the 70’s or suchlike?!

    although often i do secretly enjoy his ridiculous lingo eg:

    to Belko:

    if you do know and you don’t tell me homey, your puffy white ass is going away for a long time!

    tho he rather let me down with this to Mitch:

    Oh dear, “interaction”? you forgot the street speak there!…

  • clarissima

    12 August 2011 12:29AM

    bit missing:

    Holder to Mitch:

    What kind of interaction did your husband have with Ahmed?

    nb. I agree with James Donaghy that i don’t see Linden in California somehow. However for a brief moment when i saw her photo on this frontispiece i thought, that must be Linden in California, her hair is all blond! Could have sworn Linden had red hair. This just shows how damn dark it is in the show…

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