Transcripts of my comments on James Donaghy’s Guardian Blog on The Killing Remake Channel 4 Thursdays @9pm:Episode 7

  • 12 August 2011 1:16AM


    You’re welcome:) wish i knew how to say it in Danish!

    i think he actually said ok instead of all right but the rest is correct. Since the original Killing and then Spiral i have left the subtitles option on for such things. I really enjoy it, especially the subtitled descriptions of sound, plus you can catch better what some soft spoken actors are saying or rather mumbling or huskily voicing like Richmond. Someone get that man a lozenge..or two;)

    Although what with his voice, which has grown on me, his rather sweet pudding face and his right-on politics i fear i am fatally ensnared now into finding him forever sympathetic…..

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