transcripts of my comments on James Donaghy’s Guardian Blog on The Killing Remake Channel 4 Thursdays @9pm:Episode 7

  • 12 August 2011 1:53PM

    @LibDemNeverAgain: &@All:

    i too felt that last scen was impressive and pleasantly full of dramatic tension. When it hasn’t been full of anything much yet:except the rain really and some good fim techniques such as somebody here mentioned:the scene where the coffin with Rosie in it whirrs upwards into the white light. Metaphors abound:white light, heaven etc.

    However that forumer mentioned it was like in Six Feet Under and you do get the feeling none of these beautiful shots are that original in nature. Like the re-make. It does like to cut down to half screen and right into the next scene. Dunno what that’s called? I swear a few times they have left the screen black briefly?!

    To get to my point i felt that last scene was very reminiscent of the scene in the lock-up in the original and an outright steal really.

    The atmosphere was a little ruined for me by thinking prosaically that anything they found would be ‘fruit of the poisoned tree’ or whatever they call it since they had entered without a warrant:whatever Holder said.

    Some questions that occurred to me:

    *Why does Mitch have a white plaster on her left(i think) thumb?

    *Is Belko’s ‘friend’ @ the school out of date with his/her info or is Belko deliberately misinforming Stan and now Mitch? Since i don’t think the Police thought or said Bennet took Rosie “down the basement” as Belko claimed?

    *we now know that Holder’s taunts to Amber were spot on:she was indeed worried about “young girls, with miniskirts” etc.and enough to go “sit outside the school in my car” during the party:but without going to see Bennet or offering him a lift? Presumably Amber didn’t want Bennet to know she was there, spying on him?

    *this means that Rosie may have seen her and hence known it was ok to go to Bennets to take back the Qur’an?

    *But wasn’t Bennet supervising the party& wouldn’t Rosie have known this? So when did Bennet leave the party? all we know is he called Amber “on his cell phone at 10pm” Could this mean Rosie & Bennet left together or coordinated a meet?.

    *Could mysterious Mohammed have killed Rosie? seems a bit unlikely. Seems like Rosie was the “tiny person” helping with the rolled up blanket then?..

    *We find out that Mitch and Terry went to Catholic school. This must be important to be mentioned:but why? to tell us that they are Catholic?

    *Which leads me onto the really daft or just naive idea of Bennet to lend Rosie a Qur’an:yes, we know he was trying to encourage her learning:but whether it was a Bible or a Qur’an:any parent would take this surely as a sign of a religious person trying to convert someone?!

    & considering the general touchiness of Americans towards this subject he really didn’t think this through did he?:also making the Holy Book’s return for Rosie a necessary undercover mission..

    Bennet showed poor judgement& lack of kindness for his wife i felt to invite a stranger to her into their house when she is heavily pregnant. Plus someone whom he knew was a devout Muslim and would likely disapprove of Amber’s clothes and uncovered hair. This is why Amber unhappily describes Mohammed as “not looking at me or speaking to me”..

    *We learn that Jamie hates Gwen’s guts and seems to be aware of her relationship with Richmond eg.”thought you were joined at the hip”&”Talking dirty now?”! The feeling seems mutual..

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