transcripts of my comments on James Donaghy’s Guardian Blog on The Killing Remake Channel 4 Thursdays @9pm:Episode 7

  • 12 August 2011 7:07PM


    hey, thanks for that, here was i thinking that the black screen was some arty film technique! most amusing;)nb. blimey, is that how many adverts they have? there is more than enough in what we see, dontcha think..


    aha, thanks for that, yes i agree it does seem odd the time frame and why would Rosie go there knowing he wasn’t at home i agree. Also, Amber told the Police Bennet called her at “10pm on his cellphone” so where was she at that time? we had assumed at home, now this in unclear..

    given that nobody (we presume) has landlines anymore-Amber could have still been in her car taking that call and let Bennet think she was at home? Oh the conundrums..

    regarding your second paragraph i’m not sure i should answer since i’m trying not to do spoilers about the original as i’m sure i read here somewhere our host @James Donaghy asked that we not do and getting myself into a right twist eg. the more i think about trying not to do it i seem to do it!

    nb.sorry about that@

    Holloway Magic!

    @James Donaghy:

    You’re welcome- thought”merely miserably” was brill:)

    Yes, the accent did sound Scandinavian but i stand corrected by @Devongirl. We already know that the racial references are um a bit rough around the edges. Guess it was a faux Polish accent then? i’ve never heard one like that!

    Is a good point, Michelle is a bit of a volte farce from Mitch. Also a decidedly non-Catholic name for a devout Catholic family since all children have to have Saints’ names and haven’t heard of a Saint Michelle?! Yes, Mitch/Michelle was looking a bit tough at the end..


    Yes, sorry about the spoiler, the more i try not to, the worse it gets…see above my comment to Haveadrinkonme..

    & @All

    Given that the man who was the witness said things like

    i track gamma rads, radiowaves, U.V. transmissions

    Up to that point he could have been a physicist, however he then described :

    “another smallish tiny person, kind of like you”

    to Linden who asked:

    “A woman?”

    and he replied, in enlightenment:


    ! i think it was a fair chance he was perhaps a bit away with the fairies so to speak..;)

    I agree completely with you about the sexist nature of the criticisms of Linden: they certainly would never be addressed to a man in her job! I don’t understand how Linden could “nearly lose custody” of Jack for working long hours as long as she had childcare:in the form of Regi?

    I too enjoyed Linden teaching Jack to get his comeuppance on “Evan” who is obviously bullying him.:nb. mental note to watch out for Evan”..

    Yes,it does seem as if Theresa is the black sheep of the family for some reason, note that both mum and Mitch were talking about her in the third person when she was there! never a good sign..We have yet to find out Theresa’s job, it is obviously disapproved of by the parents. I too completely missed the piece of paper handover@ the Mosque, must have been a proper spy type manoeuvre..


    Funnily enough,i found this the most engaging episode so far:especially for Linden’s character i thought she finally showed some real welly when she marched into the Boss’s office and just demanded:

    the warrant, why did you kill it?

    Yey-go Linden!..Plus she cut Holder’s wind-ups (“girlfriend”etc..taking the P out of her relationship with her fiance’) stone dead in the car, can’t remember the exact words, but about time..

    @ All:

    Holder, BTW, starting to show his true colours i feel…First time i have noticed that he is a really big guy. so should put him back on my list of suspects that need to be a)big and/or b)strong

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