Transcripts of my comments on James Donaghy’s Guardian Blog on The Killing Remake Channel 4 Thursdays @9pm:Episode 7

  • 13 August 2011 8:41PM

    @Wonketter &@Haveadrinkonme

    i’m confused, doesn’t talking about what happened in the original constitute a spoiler? especially as this one is near line for line the same except for a few American tweaks here and there? yet for me to say this is a spoiler in itself?! oh it’s a quagmire..

    perhaps our host @James Donaghy could clarify for us, was sure i read somewhere we must keep schtum on the original for those who haven’t seen it on here?

    and is that how you spell schtum? since i’ve never written it before..;)

    Yes, “Mitch’s mother is a lovely person..” i found very funny too! she sounds like some ancient cartoon character out of Roadrunner or something..


    & @James Donaghy @ All:

    regarding your idea that Jamie might be gay and battling Gwen for Richmond’s affections:very interesting, i hadn’t considered love along with political ambitions, surely a potent combination?

    Belko’s friend being the “pervy janitor”:possible however wasn’t he out of the picture in fact in Hospital when Linden and Holder were talking about Bennet or maybe i have just kept him there stuck in that scene.

    I presumed that he would be fired and have gone to jail after flying voluntarily and rather spectacularly out of the window?! Didn’t he have some previous or current offence(apart from perving) that meant he was petrified and hence said flight? On the three strikes and you’re out thing

    I have a theory that Regi might be gay and a darker take on her relationship with Linden, even though Linden is younger than her (though we son’t know by how much) is that Regi is in love with her.

    A lighter take (if that’s a phrase) is simply that Linden & Jack are her surrogate family. However Regi does seem encouraging of Linden to leave, blowing both theories into the water..


    Regi could be the murderer and did it just to keep Linden around whilst pretending to urge her towards a better life. Does Jack even like Regi? he shows no particular signs of affection towards her.


    As @James Donaghy mentioned:we hear that Richmond, from his Mother-in-law, has some guilt over his wife’s death. Perhaps something he did or didn’t do, or just not being there, that he blames himself for?.

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