transcripts of my comments on James Donaghy’s Guardian Blog on The Killing Remake Channel 4 Thursdays @9pm:Episode 7

  • 14 August 2011 6:13PM


    stygian:yes, it’s a great word isn’t it?! ( i like words that sound like their meaning-there might be a word for that!) love how your transcript comes out, whether deliberate or not, it’s really cool:)

    Off the top of my head Stygian derives from the the River Styx which was i think in Greek mythology and led to the underworld eg. death..Passage was by slow boat and there was a river keeper who kind of paddled the unfortunate person along..

    Whilst i’m in an allusion mode:how about Belko being a great big stirrer?

    i agree with people saying this:

    in fact he could be somewhere with a big pot and a stick chanting thus:

    hubble bubble, toil & trouble cauldron boil and cauldron bubble…

    as Mitch, now Lady Macbeth, plots darkly…

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