Transcripts of my comments on James Donaghy’s Guardian Blog on The Killing Remake Channel 4 Thursdays @9pm

11 August 2011 8:40PM


yes, too long, do not read (T.L.D.N.R.)! never could precis and like to write so dangling 5000 characters in front of me is a recipe for tomeish trouble;)

Dunno if succinctly describes it tho!, if i had more time would draft and edit it and in retrospect would be less repetitions of same points. Instead of putting it down in one fell swoop so to speak. Hey two more worrying Regi moments;

declaring that she was “with the two people i love best in the world”!

even allowing for the American propensity towards Hallmark moments this is a bit heavy. eg. if a parent or friend said it you would start to worry they were going to announce they only had so long to live?! or this may be a cultural difference..


Regi standing over the sleeping forms of Linden and Jack..

ditto:if you woke up and found your friend and/or parent doing that?!

wouldn’t it be um more normal to briefly glance, smile and leave the sleeping figures alone, tiptoeing away or more practically, get them a blanket and gently cover them? instead of seemingly gazing for a bit too long?..the camera pans over Linden’s sleeping form:is this meant to represent Regi’s eyes? i think so..

ok i’m off even though i have a whole 3730 characters left, oh woe is me!..;)

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