New!:Wallander aired 30th July The Ghost BBC4 Saturdays @9pm

It’s very hot in Sweden. Who knew? It’s a heatwave. (described briefly in one of my quick Saturday notes just before Wallander) It’s all bleached out white and yellow film. Wallander is wearing a white Mac, white Chinos, his great sunglasses again. To tell you the truth i was so blinded by the beauty of the film and the colours i found it hard to concentrate on the plot. Much like the characters, i was affected by the sun!

Of all the wonderful Wallanders i have watched i nominate this one as my favourite . For it’s utmost beauty visually and for the scene in which Wallander turns into an action hero!

There are multiple horrible murders and it’s all rather complicated. The sun is searing, sizzling and shimmering throughout. Isabelle in particular is suffering in the heat. hilariously, she intermittently keeps falling asleep in the police car and snoring!

It looks like Hollywood. There are houses with outside swimming pools with white stone balustrades. A girl floats, relaxing, in the pool at the house of the bereaved man.

Katrina with hair down in the sunlight in her office says:

“Blasted kid”

to her son on the phone.

The radio is saying:

“There’s a heatwave” as Wallander and Svartman go to follow a lead at a Refuge for people with “substance issues, alcohol”.


“It could have been anyone there who doesn’t deserve a second chance”

Pontus & Isabelle in the Police car:


“Stop for the boy, Cop instinct!” he tells her.

Pontus to autistic boy who likes to sit in the field and take down license plate numbers:

“It must have been a big bang?”

(there was an explosion followed by a fire in one of the murders)

Isabelle has fallen asleep in the police car (again!). Pontus is looking through the notebook of the autistic boy.

“This guy deserves a medal, he’s written every car down!”

The lighting is fantastic:bleached white into golden twilight of burnt orange as Kurt goes to a boatyard and meets a blond woman who has a bikini on and is putting her clothes back on for some reason. Wallander is smoking.


Wallander meets Katrina. She looks beautiful with her hair down. Katrina:

“I’m worried about Hannah”


“It’s all part of the breaking away process”


“How do you not nag?, how was it for you?”

Kurt can’t talk about his daughter, he starts to wobble in his voice.

Does Katrina not know that Wallander’s daughter is dead? it seems not. If she did i don’t think she would have commented thus. Poor Wallander. I really felt for him in this scene. The actor and the character.

I do not know if the death of the character of Wallander’s daughter was addressed in the show but i know what happened to the actress. I remember that Katrina pointed to the photo of Wallander’s daughter when she first arrived in Ystad Police Station and commented, yet Wallander said nothing. It looks like nobody at the Station let Katrina in on this information.

In another scene with Korin, the pathologist, she stands and looks at herself in the mirror at the morgue, with a burnt dead guy lying there on the table.

In the Police Station Wallander runs the investigation and Katrina wisely stays out of the way. He goes to ask her for a search warrant, nicely..

“Fat chance!” Katrina says.

Wallander visit the beautiful blond lady with the pool:

and asks:

“Do you know about Nina Adler’s love life?”

Another beautiful blond lady, a neighbour comes in and says:

“What gives you the right to barge in here and pass judgement?”

Shortly after

all the beautiful blond ladies and equally handsome men are questioned at the Police Station in the interview room:

Katrina watches from the other room:


“They have coordinated their stories!”


“It’s like something out of Falcon’s Crest!”

Later one of the beautiful blond ladies smokes whilst her daughter hugs her.

Not long after we see Wallander in front of a fan, smoking like a private eye!

However shortly afterwards Wallander coughs as Katrina sees something in the file..


“It’s like we’re trying to track down a ghost!”

They’re finally working together on the case.


“For Christsakes, what’s the connection?”

Then we see the rich guy with the pool get his gun out. He does a line of coke. Goes in the pool. Keeps doing coke..

(slow jazz music plays)

Wallander is coming, as he always does..Then Martinson comes, to the rich place with the pool. It is all sepia light.


Wallander has been tied up too!




“Bloody hell!”


“Come on Kurt!”


“Damn it, the boat has gone, start the engine!”

Kurt and Martinson jump on a fast boat..

Skipper of Boat:

“I’ll have to move our speed by 5 knots, it will get pretty rough!”


“Do it!”

“Shit! Fuck!”

The engine of the baddie’s boat that they are chasing cuts out!

Kurt Wallander with loudspeaker:

“Wallander here, we are preparing to board your boat”..

Wallander gets shot!

(But it’s only a graze luckily, phew)


Wallander dives in! in his shirt, with his gun!

I absolutely loved this scene. I never tell who the murderer is but maybe a bit of a spoiler coming to say the following:

Wallander dives overboard, fully clothed, (in his lovely white shirt), gun in hand (after talking the baddie into releasing Katrina’s daughter who Wallander also saves) Yes, Wallander dives into the sea, gun in hand, turning most wonderfully into James Bond Wallander, swims to shore and emerges like Daniel Craig, ready for action and runs up the beach! Kurt:you’re the man.

Apart from finding this scene wonderfully hilarious all i could think about was Kurt’s gun. Surely it wouldn’t work once wet? It must be a very special type of gun if it did. Kurt obviously thought it would still work. I had never thought about a gun before and so intensely!

Kurt had surprised me, gone all Navy Seals. Not only was his voice and implacably clever and calm way of talking a baddie down his weapon. Kurt could do all macho action hero too!

Katrina, just look!..

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One thought on “New!:Wallander aired 30th July The Ghost BBC4 Saturdays @9pm”

  1. In other words, you like total Hollywood crap. This episode was pathetic, and following the five or six great ones prior to it, one can only blame the jerk director and his bleached out trendy cutty stupid "direction" filled with jerky cam, out-of-focus shots – of course you loved it.

    This is NOT what Wallander is – and sadly the next episode, which I just began is the same nitwit director – I'd heard the last few episodes devolved into bathos, and terrible films and it looks like that's correct. They should have ended this with episode nine.

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