New!:Transcripts of my comments on Vicky Frost’s Guardian Blog on the AMC Channel remake of The Killing Thursdays Channel 4@9pm

3 August 2011 1:23PM

That’s deep!
@Wonketter your transcript of Holder talking:very funny!
@ all
has anyone else noticed that the actor who plays Bennet who is meant to be Somalian i believe, is not Somalian at all?
@ All
i agree that i think it was Holder’s ex and kids he was posting the money to. Which means i can scrub him from my list of dodgy suspects even tho he’s a cop!
Yes, the film director guy did say to Gwen “the last time i saw you with anything on was 5 am in the morning” so i think you are right there in saying she fired him for presuming that the same benefits were attached this time.
@ All
I must have missed the bit in the church that Vicky is referring to and didn’t catch the religious allusion. However i would propose that pretty much all murders of women in dramas now mirror the crucifixion, it seems to be all the rage..

Putting aside the role of the family friend in the original now taken by bearded Belko:did anyone else think it decidedly odd that he suddenly appeared in young Tom’s bedroom and was changing his sheets etc. when he had never been shown in the family flat or hanging out with the family generally?!

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