New:Transcripts of my comments on Phelim O’Neill’s Guardian Blog on Falling Skies FX Channel Tusdays @9pm

  • 4 August 2011 4:01PM

    Good points, yes, i like the idea of fast forwarding altho i watch it on regular TV, from now on i will do so mentally and find it amusing. Yes i agree about the possible love triangle. i too noticed the replacement of one identikit blond with another.

    nb. do all women in Dramas now have to be both be frozen faced and beautiful and look like they are in permanent catwalk mode? At one point the son’s blond girlfriend, the son, and Noah and others were all walking superhero like down the road all heavily gunned up. Whilst the usual extremely irksome and annoying meaningful music played. Apart from the celebratory military overtones of this scene all i could think of was:hot chicks with guns, that’s what they wanted..

    nb. funny that his lost blond girlfriend has never been mentioned again and barely lamented? No rescue mission for her since they found a new blond?

    Lourdes:full of the Lord and plenteous religious connotations and that’s just her name never mind the press gang praying sessions: is possibly part of a love triangle as you suggest, i wonder is she is another spare? The brunettes seemingly of lower, lowly value than the blonds. In that the blonds get to have some fun (if you could call it that) with the guys. eg. not stay ‘at home’ doing women’s work.

    Blond girlfriend did get to be one of the guys and she didn’t know anything about guns. The new blond girl does know about guns and weapons and has another classic war story background, taken and raped etc. and turned into a fighter by the marauders. Yes, we geddit, a war story eg. lesson to add to that of the child soldiers.

    Noah’s son is interested in the new blond girl but she considers him too young..the younger son was oddly interrogating the saintly Lourdes as to where exactly she came from:why?
    “the place where people lost their faith” Lourdes replies sententiously.
    ok, we geddit, America was invaded (by aliens) because they lost their faith
    more mawkish message..

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