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  • 4 August 2011 10:45PM

    i thought the guy shot in the leg was one of the urban marauders (as Pope amusingly describe himself) and was summarily executed in cold blood by the gun toting blond girl because of what he and Pope had done to her?
    i note that Biblical justice now prevails much like the actions of the doctor Glass lady summarily attacking the alien who was under her care if not strictly speaking her patient justifies her un-Doctorly behaviour thus: (even though they already know the alien is vulnerable to a throat attack)

    “It wasn’t hard for me to do that, all i had to do was think of my family”
    (Oo err..classic martyr speak..)

    the mawkish messages mount this meant to be a an allegory for ‘the war on terror’ on top of the copious religious fundamentalist mantle covering all?

    if it wasn’t for this uncomfortable feeling and my resistance to the message heaviness of it all i could and do cheerfully ignore all the ridiculousness and just concentrate on the fun and sympathetic alien..

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