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  • 8 August 2011 6:13PM

    @haveadrinkonme: & @ All & @James Donaghy

    Yes, it is a bit mind boggling a game, isn’t it? you have a point thinking about it, the family would more likely be a crime of passion so to speak and they (you would think) would be less familiar with serial-killer or professional(for want of a better word) murdering techniques which are cold-hearted at nature. Unless one of the family is a secret serial killer type? doesn’t seem plausible does it.


    it would seem to indicate somebody more emotionally removed from Rosie since as conceivable as it is that they could have held her, done we don’t know exactly what to her- chased her, would they really have been able to shut her in the boot of a car to drown fully conscious? Or: the complete opposite in that they couldn’t bring themselves to do the deadly deed (as in you know what)

    Yes, i too am wondering about Jamie as he has given us evidence of his ruthlessness “if you want to get into the ring you need to be ready to shed some blood” etc. Mind you he is a bit little in size i think and wouldn’t it take a fair sized man or woman with some strength to carry out the whole stuff a struggling screaming girl fighting for her life in full adrenalin mode into a car boot and then somehow to push said car into the lake? would it not take two people to carry out such a manoeuvre?

    As you say, the Senator and Jasper’s father are contenders too, we know that Jaspers father is big and prone to slapping Jasper already. Certainly all the politicos excepting (i think) Richmond have a certain ruthlessness but this doesn’t necessarily translate to murder..

    however there is the question would the politicos (or their aides) murder to protect their careers or campaign? or alternatively would somebody in the campaign really murder to crash somebody else’s eg. Richmond’s political chances? then cleverly point to the way to Richmond in slo motion reveals..

    Yet objectively speaking somebody went to a great deal of trouble for the body of Rosie not to be discovered. Without Linden’s stroke of genius would it ever have been? Such a plot could not rely on the body being discovered.

    i realise i have left out Holder from my list of possible suspects:he was there originally and discounted on the basis of his kindly money drop. However my take on this is purely subjective and i recall finding his dialogue or conversation to Linden from the outset decidedly off. On the basis of him being a stoneresque figure i think am letting this go now (as i think we are expected to) however the meet with his supposed sponsor screamed out undercover meeting/mole to me.

    To speak to your sponsor doesn’t necessitate an obvious undercover style meet in a car in the middle of nowhere. Plus the guy asked about the case-in detail. This mysterious guy could well be a political mole or even the mole leaking to Belko?!

    nb. We assumed the guy @ Holder’s secret car meet was a Cop, however we don’t know that and wouldn’t there be some ethical rule against sponsors in your own work or social circle? This is all very iffy:like Holder even tho i find him the most likeable character which isn’t saying a lot!

    it is a shame that they have given us precious little police procedural to puzzle satisfactorily over as @Honukokua has rightly said. For’s six days in to the investigation and Linden has only just entered the “M.O” into the computer! It does seem rather important to know whether Rosie was raped or not for ex. which we don’t know.

    There isn’t even the usual Computer whizz we have come to expect in murder dramas! In fact for Chicago, the facilities appear to be rather backwoods in appearance, more Wire than C.S.I..(not that everyone has C.S.I state of the art style stuff but still..)

    They haven’t traced the journey of the campaign car yet nor looked at the campaign car logs eg. signing in and out for the use of the car presumably? Also the basics of the amount of petrol used or where more petrol may have been bought?!

    Was it not Rosie’s picture LInden was looking at along with the other Missing Alerts? yet Rosie was never reported missing.

    Realise i left out Regi from my list of suspects. I took an instant dislike to Regi. Yet they are all pretty unlikeable really, except Richmond, Holder, not so sure now.

    Found myself musing whilst watching on Linden’s dreadful red lipstick and the upper lip creep occurring. This must be a sign of how bored i am at the time. Linden needs some lip liner i found myself thinking and when does she get time to keep re-applying such a copious oil like slick? no handbag that i’ve noticed!

    much like the show, slick gloss on top, one-dimensional cardboard cut out characters below

    Wonder if they have a time date on that film other wise they could date the time of year from the cycle of the butterflies eg. Spring. Do feel the butterflies are either important or symbolic in that Rosie, we know from Mitch, did want to leave home?

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