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  • 5 August 2011 1:14AM

    Yep, Lourdes, connotation heavy, perhaps she will lead them to a holy healing place of safety? I am wondering if the hero character is actually called Noah or am i just calling him the actor’s name:Noah Wyle? Since i haven’t heard his characters name? I wouldn’t be surprised at more religious allusions seeing as they are scattered abundantly around..

    your earlier point about Doctor Harris made me think that you get dispatched quick time unless your hallmark/saccharine quotient is not up to scratch perhaps?!
    @ All:
    nb. Lourdes mentioned that she was a pre-med student so i guess this is why she has morphed suddenly into a midwife. Although like a lot of the characters for me including the Prof she seems so very young it’s hard to believe..

    another icky moment for me was tied up in the not really a Biology lesson to the kids which was the justification for killing this “wondrous gift of life”
    (if it was aliens that is): as long as “you have the right moral character and rectitude”!

    i think we must be talking about different characters since i missed the first couple of episodes. I only know of one guy that was shot in the leg and he was one of the Urban Marauders and already lying injured when hero Prof was captured and taken there.

    I am a bit disappointed so far at the Prof’s lack of planning missions by means of his ancient historical military knowledge. Surely that was set out for our expectations from the beginning? Maybe that is yet to come:eg. how the Phoenicians did it, the Battle of the 600, even the charge of The Light Brigade? would at least be interesting..

    the candle conundrum:
    isn’t it nice to think that in the event of an apocalypse we will all have enough comforting candles in perpetua..

    best bit of dialogue last episode:
    the Prof:
    “I once had a student who did his thesis on American detective Drama:i graded him down for leaving out Miami Vice”!
    (quite right too Prof)

    BTW i have a personal predilection for leaving the subtitles on since watching Spiral, The Killing and so on. To leave them on for Falling Skies and see the sound descriptions as signified by brackets of the humans & the aliens is truly amusing..
    for Ex:
    (gunfire) (extended gunfire) (gun cocks)
    Aliens: (screeches) lots of these..

    most amusing moment yet:
    Dr. Harris investigates (briefly) before his untimely demise the possibility that the alien is snoring!
    Dr. Harris:
    “That’s a new sound! rapid blinking movement? hmmm..”
    foolishly opens the hatch:
    Dr. Harris
    (crackling) (screeching) (growling)…

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  • Footnote:
  • Oh dear, tumble weed blows..have i killed the Blog?
  • Nobody likes me, everybody hates me, i’m gonna go and eat worms..Big fat shiny ones, itty bitty grimy ones, i’m gonna go and eat worms..

I thought it was funny, the last bit, obviously nobody else did? the idea of the alien snoring? and that’s how Dr. Harris died, investigating this wondrous occurrence?! just me then?
well it still makes me laugh so there..
nb. (0) is not good and i have three now not to mention a deathly silence hanging over the blog..Oh Dear

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