New!Transcript of my comments on Vicky Frost’s The Guardian Blog of the AMC channel’s remake of The Killing (9pm Thursday nights Channel 4 in the UK)

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    i agree completely with your above post. I too, feel a strange disconnect between the politician’s story and the murder. However i feel the same emotional disassociation about the remake although it has slowly grown on me. I do wonder if i am just slowly transposing the depth and feeling of the original onto the remake aided by the paint by numbers facsimile of Lund right down to the furrowed brow and twin tendrils of hair and exact same hair style?
    @ All:
    Yet i find it hard to care. I can’t even really be bothered at noting the illogicalities. Holder, once you have accepted his Scandinavian/stoneresque accent is the only fully rounded character that you find yourself engaging with. In spite of him being creepy etc. and talking in tiresome stonerese/narcotic speak. Linden is curiously unlikeable:i have tried. Ditto her oddly hallmark platitude spouting mother Regi. eg. “I have with me the two people i most love in the world”…bleuch

    Other horrific Hallmark moments: the Fiance and requisite snogging then shagging sessions thankfully not shown in the cabin of the boat. Note he talks only in marriage language even saying “I do” at one point in a conversation. Surely not accidental in the script?

    However i find the fiance amusing since he is irrevocably typecast for me since his appearance as the psychotic split personality Cop in Shattered’ a series on Hallmark which has to be the daftest story line of all time. I cannot rid myself of the image of his sneering alter-ego in that series-hey he may well have done it!

    @Wonketter-i’m glad someone other than me found the whole bath scene both daft and supremely annoying. It just didn’t come off did it? likewise the odd attempt at Hitcockian horror at Mitch’s freak out at her son in the bath over a magnified drop of water overflowing. There just isn’t enough depth and atmosphere created in order for this to work as a believable scene-for me anyway.

    As someone who finds sexist tropes in dramas very tiresome i mentally clocked this scene as just another excuse to get an actress into the bath. Call me cruel and heartless..but it’s always women in the bath-isn’t it? i rest my case..

    @KIssington:you cracked me up with your list of Linden’s pregnancy complaints! it has kind of spoilt it for me too, although i try to forget it however she does look rather tumescent doesn’t she? She has a degree in (borrowed from Lund) brow furrowing and gazing mournfully (at best) but mostly blankly, into space..her habit of touching her palm to various important items reminds me of someone waiting for a door to open somewhere in Startrek..

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