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25 August 2011 5:52PM


regarding the no clothes issue:

i’m not sure how serious you are! i have to admit i’m not taking this show very seriously i’m afraid simply because it’s so daft and it laid itself open for sardonic mischief making in it’s critique for me as a result:) Plus i react like this to a show that takes itself so damn seriously! Yes, i guess the aliens should have clothes if they feel the cold! however i never considered this. i must have presumed that them being alternative life forms and from a possibly different world completely may not have the same concepts as us about clothes or anything in particular surely?:)

Aliens never have those indelicate parts do they?! Perhaps they have perfected cloning or it’s all very much more cerebral..:) The Aliens may not have elements like us and so on hence no concept of weather. Or if they do have weather as we think of it, they may have an inbuilt thermostat, very cleverly adjusting to all unpredictable temperatures. This clever thermostat may even have been fitted or programmed especially for going away to other planets! nb. i’m making all this up, in gentle fun, i’m sure you will understand:)


i kind of liked the silvery skinny humanoid men, i didn’t feel they were particularly evil, except when they were peeking giant oval fish faced through the peep hole that is.. A bit boring and derivative though surely? like all the alternative life forms (A.L.F’s) so far plus the mechanical ones..

With all the many millions at his disposal for each episode you would have thought Speilberg could have come up with something more original than these A.L.F/Mechs?

There are all weird and wonderful and crazy possibilities of alternative life forms throughout the universe:Just think of how many throws of the DNA dice and evolutionary outcomes and quirks there are here! So why didn’t he go wild? Why is it always insecty/tentacly things or dull robots? Or the eponymous silvery skinny humanoid?

I saw more interesting and varied possibilities on Stephen Hawking’s Doc about alternative life forms possible in the galaxy. My favourite being a giant elephant heffalump mastodon with large suckers for feet for traipsing up cliffs..and a funnel for a mouth..

Dr.The Evidence:

good point, that occurred to me too, pretty rough out there with no glasses..


good point, and funny:)


i so agree, particularly about the children, it wouldn’t matter if it wasn’t delivered with ladles of syrup emptied over our metaphorical heads..Thinking abut it Spielberg always did pretty much have children in his alien films yet i don’t remember those films feeling like a sucrose overdose like this! What a truly terrible thought, chocolate chips being no good, quelle horreure…

Yes, as @HokeyCokey said, where did all the bodies go? Don’t tell me, many multiple funerals with giant American flags? (from their inexhaustible supply)? plus, if the earth was, as they have said, “nuked” radioactively, wouldn’t that have led to a nuclear winter and everybody being really rather ill?!

@BinkThe Magician:

i so agree about Pope, yet he is a rapist so we were told, they had to go and spoil it all..or is he allowed to redeem himself? oh the moral quandries and questions raised so deliberately and irksomely…


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