New!:Transcript of my comments on Phelim O’ Neill’s Guardian Blog of Falling Skies channel FX Tuesday 9pm:Episode 6

  • 11 August 2011 12:11AM

    in which hot chick with gun teaches the Doctor lady to drop her natural Doctorly aversion to guns and get with the gun thing:

    you have to fight back, don’t take it lying down, it’s hard to come back from that (otherwise)

    considering what we know happened to hot chick with gun this is an indicative choice of words and obviously meant to justify this stance..

    if it breaks some Hippocratic oath, just stitch them up after you blast them!

    it continues in this frontier type guns are needed to protect our virtue vein:

    Hot chick with gun:

    You’re not the terminator honey, you’re just looking to protect yourself! imagine someone you love (was)…

    there we have the American justification for the right to bear arms..

    Rather worryingly, the doctor finally shoots then unaccountably starts panting..hmm..she has been converted to a hot chick with gun and found the process of firing hot in itself! wonderful..

    Noah’s sons continue to propose the military history type tactics instead of the Prof eg. the blitz evacuation

    The rest is all a bit Hansel & Gretel meet the local paedophile i felt..

    nb. the place of safety was called Hidden Frontier Ranch (for that Frontier feel) and had a giant flagpole with requisite American flag in the front, lingered over lovingly by the camera..does every homestead in America have a flag? certainly regular houses in the suburbs do, sigh, Jingoism reigns..

    Apart from all these usual present ickinessess the episode zipped by meaning it must be improving as i wished it was longer

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